The Dutch Beast Roelly Winklaar Broke His Leg at EVLS Prague Pro Prejudging 2018

Roelly Winklaar showing broken leg caused by slippery steps at Prague Pro prejudging

Roelly Winklaar, the first ever people’s champ, suffered a broken leg at the 2018 Prague Pro prejudging. But that didn’t stop The Dutch Beast from competing in the finals anyway. 

What made his performance even more impressive was his result. Despite suffering a severe injury, he still went on to win the show!

It is said that Winklaar fell whilst exiting the prejudging stage leading to the break. According to Bader Boobai who told Dave Palumbo, the cause was a set of extremely ‘slippery steps’.

Fortunately for The People’s Champ, he didn’t tear his quad during the fall. Because of this, he was able to stride onto the stage for competition.

At the time of writing, we don’t know how long he’ll be out. Here’s to hoping we’ll see Winklaar posing on stage at the Arnold Classic.


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