Professional Vegan Bodybuilder Manages To Consume 140-150g Protein Daily


Mark Chapman, a professional bodybuilder who has committed to the vegan lifestyle proves it’s possible to consume boat-loads of protein without meat or dairy. 

Let’s face it, vegans have been getting slaughtered recently. Sometimes for good reason, when vegans purposefully role turn-up to food videos on facebook to force their opinions on meat-eaters.

But one mistaken belief is that vegans can’t get the the necessary protein they need without meat or dairy; Mark Chapman is the pro bodybuilder who has proven that it’s definitely necessary.

Who Is Mark Chapman?

Alright, so at the moment, you’re probably wondering who the f*ck this guy is. Well, he’s a retired Orange County police officer who’s since dedicated his life to bodybuilding and the vegan lifestyle.

He’s not doing bad either, as he’s earned his pro-card as a competitive athlete. Also, he’s natty too and doesn’t have any desire to follow in the footsteps of the mass-monsters that dominate the modern era.

Speaking to The Bulletin, Mark said:

“I was always big into the bodybuilding era of the 1970’s, the Arnold Schwarzenegger days. I always like that physique more, that classic body shape. Not the overly built people who are on too many pharmaceuticals.” 


140-150g protein per day on vegan diet

That’s right, Mark Chapman manages to consume 140-150g protein per day – that’s a hell of a lot.

In fact, you’d need to consume around 1.3lbs of meat to match this, so it’s even more of an achievement for a vegan.

But it does come at a cost though; Mark and his wife spend a big $200 per week on groceries in order to fuel his vegan-bodybuilding lifestyle.

What’s their main source of protein? seitan, which Mark described as as ‘an almost chicken-like texture’.

Along with seitan, Mark and his wife also include other protein sources such:

  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Soy (tofu etc)

Veganism cured his high blood pressure

Whether you believe this or not, Mark claims that his high blood pressure has been healed by cutting meat out of his diet. He evens mentioned that medication was unable to cure him before he turned vegan.

Mark continued: “I was having issues but I didn’t know what from. I don’t miss meat at all. To think of eating meat actually makes me feel ill, to be honest. 

“I like to lead by example: If I can be a 50-year-old professional bodybuilder, then apparently you can get enough calories and protein. That I can do it means you can do it, too.” 

“It’s much more of a lifestyle. I can see more and more people going that direction.

Mark does admit vegans have tough battle against meat-eating bodybuilders

So there’s no denying that Mark attributes his success as a bodybuilder and in lowering his blood pressure to his vegan diet.

However, he does finish by admitting vegan bodybuilders struggle to compete with non-vegans:

“The only downside is when you’re in a  sport when you’re being judged on muscularity and conditioning and some other factors, it’s going to be hard for a typical vegan to compete against somebody that does have a higher protein diet through animal meat.”

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