Not Exercising Could Be Worse Than Diabetes and Smoking Says Study

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We all know how important it is to exercise. After all, it makes us fitter, healthier, and look god damn good. But did you know that not doing it could be more dangerous than traditional clinical risk factors like diabetes and smoking?

Well, according to a recent study slacking on the treadmill might kill you quicker. Here’s what you need to know…

Scientist Kyle Mandsager, MD, and his colleagues set themselves the task of finding out the association between cardiorespiratory fitness and long-term mortality. Following on from many previous studies they knew keeping active helps you live longer, but they wanted to know just how important it is.



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Data collected from over 122,000 people

After studying the data collected from 122,007 patients undergoing exercise treadmill testing, the group began to see a pattern emerge. According to the researchers, “…cardiorespiratory fitness was inversely associated with all-cause mortality without an observed upper limit of benefit.” [1]

In short, working out on the treadmill had a positive impact on the potential lifespan of tested patients. The scientists also found that cardiovascular fitness was especially important for older people or those with hypertension.

So, not only will pounding the pavement or taking a stride on the treadmill help you get fitter today, it’ll set you up for later life. In fact, after analyzing their findings further, the scientists concluded that not exercising could be worse for you than smoking or diabetes.

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Scientists say exercise should be prescribed by doctors

Because of the astounding effect cardio training can have on our lifespan the researchers have put forward a radical idea. According to the authors of the study, healthcare professionals should start prescribing exercise to their patients.

Now they’re not saying doctors should start handing out prescriptions for CrossFit classes. However, they are suggesting that medical professionals push for their patients to take up regular cardiovascular activity. This could be in the form of something accessible like jogging or swimming, not necessarily hardcore HIIT circuits.

What does this all mean for you? In short, if you want to live longer don’t skimp on the cardio. Bolster your lungs and heart for a better chance in later life.

See you out on the running track, bro.


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