NFL Football Players Take On IFBB Pro In Bench Press Challenge


3 athletes were asked to perform as many reps with 315lbs on bench press as they could.

Fans of each sport always like to think that they’re favorite players are the best athletes in the world.

Well, Test Football Academy gave everyone the opportunity to see whether football players in the USA really could keep-up-with bodybuilders at weightlifting.

IFBB Pro, Joel Thomas vs Terron Beckham and Kevin Whimpey

In the YouTube video, Terron Beckham and Kevin Whimpey compete in a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to see who’s going to perform their bench press first.

Terron Beckham ends-up losing the hand-battle, so he is chosen to go before Kevin Whimpey. After a respectable performance, he manages to finish 17 reps with the 315lb loaded barbell.

Kevin Whimpey steps-up afterwards, being expected to out-do Terron Beckham due to his considerable size advantage. And he does just that, pushing 25 reps out.

However, Kevin’s effort wasn’t enough to defeat the IFBB Pro, Joel Thomas. The bodybuilder managed over 10 more reps than NFL player, completing 36 reps with the same weight.


Bodybuilding Beats Football

Joel Thomas definitely showed that bodybuilders can be a level above football players, regardless of their size; Joel Thomas might not have looked as big as Kevin Whimpey, but it’s clear that Joel packs the bigger punch when it comes to weightlifting.

After the competition, the Test Football Academy staff asserted how impressed they were with Joel Thomas’ bench press performance.

Here’s what they said:

“Congratulations, Joel Thomas. You have earned your nickname ‘The Mutant’.

“Putting up 36 reps and literally right on the last rep re-racking it and the lights blow out.

“For all 3 of these guys to be getting that many reps, with 315lbs on the bar, I mean that’s just amazing.

“Some were more amazing than others today, no doubt.”

If you’re interested in seeing the video of the bench press competition, we’ve added it below…

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