Martyn Ford Recovering Well After Surgery


A few weeks ago we covered how the successor to Rich Piana as ambassador of 5% Nutrition, Martyn Ford had been having health issues.

Now, after a bit of time the absolutely huge Ford, has got over his stomach issues, had a successful surgery and seems to be fully recovered.


In the Instagram post he shares a photo of him post surgery compared to a more recent photo. And there’s one hell of a massive difference. He wrote with the post;

first picture (321lb) was taken today and second one 7 weeks ago (263lb). After having 12 inches of small intestine removed and part of my bowel, I don’t think I’m doing to bad….. yes I was shattered and devastated when I fell ill, losing so much weight was crushing, and looking back I suffered some depression, but only way is up when you hit rock bottom, I’m still a few steps away from where I was, but a hell of a way in front where I started 7 wks back. No matter what life throws at you, take it one step, one breathe, one day at a time. Small little goals will eventually add up to huge milestones. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but a drive to succeed day, after day, after day. Until eventually you start to get somewhere. Focus on your dreams and never stop believing #martynford #ignite

Martyn Ford is a guy with his finger in loads of different pies and now he’s getting back to his former size and health, we can’t wait to see what he get’s up to.

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