Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Suffers Potentially Career Ending Injury


40 year old Kiwi, Laurel Hubbard, has suffered a horrendous injury at the 2018 Commonwealth games.

A competitor in the women’s over 90kg group, Laurel’s entry has been surrounded in some controversy as she competed a male up until 4 years ago and was favorite to win the Gold Coast games.

All was going to plan as Laurel took a 7kg lead over the other athletes. Things went quickly wrong for the seasoned lifter as she attempted to hit 132kg on the snatch.

Out of the competition

If you can handle the footage you’ll see the weight proved too much for her elbow as she tried to complete the movement.

Hubbard quickly departs the stage and it comes as no real surprise that she won’t be competing in the rest of the games.

Speaking with CNN the weightlifter said;

“The one saving grace in all of this is I’m not in any great pain at the moment, I’m sure that will come with time. At this stage we don’t know the exact details of the injury…It seems likely that I have ruptured a ligament, some insignificant tissue damage. But until we have further scanning we won’t know the details.”

We hope Laurel makes a full recovery.

If you can handle it, the video is below. But it’s pretty hard to watch.

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