Kai Greene Starring in Upcoming MMA Film


Bodybuilding giant Kai Greene is set to step into the cage for a movie called Crazy Fist, co-ventured by American and Chinese companies.

The film, which sounds enjoyably shit, is all about a mixed martial artist who kills an opponent and vows to never fight again only to wind up having one last fight to get to the bottom of some conspiracy. Which probably involves the death of the guy he accidentally killed.


Crazy Budget

With a budget of $12 million, the film will be released into Chinese cinemas then probably be launched straight to the bargain DVD bins at your local Walmart.

After his appearance in Stranger Things though, we have to admit that Kai is a great person to see on screen. So we will absolutely be checking this film out as soon as we can.

Let’s just hope there’s no grapefruits involved.


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