How Much Masturbation is Too Much?


Masturbation is a pastime enjoyed by men the world over. Pretty much everyone, unless they’re a eunuch or a monk has no doubt grabbed their little soldier and taken him for a hand held ride.

But, for some guys masturbation can be a problem.  Generally, there’s no right or wrong amount of solo sex sessions you can have in a day.

Sex addiction therapist and clinical counselor Dan Drake explains that; “However often you masturbate, it’s not a problem until it starts affecting your life in negative ways,”

So if you currently manage to slip in 5 sessions a day, you’re absolutely fine. But you should probably consider getting a job or a hobby at least…working out one arm only is going to have your gains out of proportion.


Health Risks

Just make sure it’s not affecting your love life or work life. Or even your health. Even if it’s just chaffing you need to be careful, as over pumping can lead to peyronie’s disease and other conditions.

Drake explains that whilst there isn’t anything unhealthy about it, if it does become an addiction and you are always thinking about then “if it becomes detrimental to your life, then you need to treat it like you would any other harmful habit.”

So if you think you’re going too much by shutting yourself in a room with your laptop twice a day, you’ve got no issue. No guys do, just make sure you can still perform for partners and aren’t taking time off work to fulfill the urge.

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