Fitness Blogger ‘Cancer is your body trying to save you’


Controversial Australian fitness model recently received hate online after stating ‘Cancer is your body trying to save you’, amongst other ridiculous things.

The Instagram post, created by Brisbane based Olivia Budgen, quickly received loads of hate online and has since been removed.

She opens the caption to an image of her holding a huge jar of green…something…with the statement; “CANCER AND DISEASE IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO SAVE YOU.”


She then explains in the post, that changing perspective and being open minded can help you take control of your health. And beat cancer.

If the above statements aren’t ridiculous enough, she manages to come across even worse. Later saying, “cancer is a survival mechanism.”

We can say with relative certainty, that Olivia Budgen is crazy, misguided and also looks like she’d be a nightmare girlfriend…

Olivia Budgen Instagram Post

Criticized By Real Health Experts

The post, which understandably went viral for all the wrong reasons, has brought out some ACTUAL experts on the issue. As expected, they have done nothing but shut this ignorant ‘Health Coach’ and ‘Raw Food Educator’ down.

Martin Ledwick, the head information nurse from Cancer Research UK said; “The recommendations in Ms Budgen’s social media post bear no relation to any scientific facts about how cancer starts or how it can be treated,”.

He continued: “Her stance is extremely insensitive to people who have cancer and to those who have lost someone to cancer, as it implies that a few changes to diet will save them.”

Budgen has since released an apology video, in which she reads segment from the book where she took the information and drones on about being ‘caring’ and ‘sincere’.

The apology video goes on for a while, and is quite boring and will probably not help those who were genuinely offended at the things Budgen said.

This situation and everything she said just shine a further light on the problems the health and fitness industry is facing with so-called ‘experts’ and ‘educators’.

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