Eddie Hall Shares His Secrets to Strength


Eddie Hall is one of the strongest men on the planet. The 30 year old from England currently holds the record for Deadlift at 500kg. He’s currently holding the title of Worlds Strongest Man 2017.

The UK strongman has earned celebrity status within the bodybuilding and fitness community. One of the most prominent moments being when he passed out after pulling 500kg.

In case you missed it, blood vessels in his head exploded, causing a bleeding nose and he dropped down straight after. Serious sh*t, brah!

In an interview Eddie Hall has shared the secret to his strength.

There’s no light days or heavy days. Hall trains heavy through and through.

In terms of load and rep ranges he said;

“I work at 80% to 90% of my one rep max for up to six reps.

“If I feel good at a weight you might see more do more than six reps, but in general, you’ll never see me do more than six.” 


That doesn’t seem like anything major, but when you factor in that Hall was also event training along side his workouts things get a bit more hardcore.

Eddie Halls week looks something like this:

  • Monday – Legs (4 Hours) 
  • Tuesday – Chest 
  • Wednesday – Cardio/Recovery 
  • Thursday – Deadlifts/Back
  • Friday – Shoulders
  • Weekend – Recovery

That might sound like a manageable amount of training. But when sessions are up to 4 hours long and your dumbbell pressing 140lbs dumbbells, you’re going to be fucked. Plus…

Training while exhausted

Some of the time he’d exhaust himself before training for events. So he’d be hitting things like the Yolk carry all ready fatigued. This pushes his body to adapt and also make him feel like he’s in competition.

When you’re training with heavy weights and also doing even lifts, whilst trying to exhaust yourself it sounds almost impossible to get any recovery in.

Buy Eddie Hall keeps on top of recovery with hot-cold treatments, a ton of fucking food and 6 physio sessions per week.

That’s how I lived for a year. I didn’t have any alcohol, holidays or nights out with my wife, or days out with the kids because they would tire me out too much.

Life doesn’t sound like a load of fun to get to be the worlds strongest man. He didn’t miss a training session or a physio session for a year the between 2016 and 2017.

The secret of Eddie Halls success then? Insane levels of dedication, major sacrifice, a patient wife, bus loads of food and some horrible sounding training sessions.

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