Raw Power – Watch Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall Prowler Push 1200 lbs of Strongman

Strongman Eddie Hall pushing 1200 lb on prowler

After a full day on set, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall and four-time World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw headed to the gym with their buddy Robert Oberst. Their mission simple – smash some damn heavy prowler pushes.

They started as any strongman would with two 300lb barrels. Even for buff dudes that’s is an incredible amount, but not ‘The Beast’.

In true Eddie Hall style he had to take things one step further. Off came one of the 300 lb barrels and on went a 400+ lb strongman in its place. Oh, and another addition in Robert Oberst who claims to be ‘the prettiest strongman in the business’.

By the time Eddie had finished loading the prowler it weighed a whopping 1200 lb. For our guys and girls not in the U.S. of A., that’s 544 kg. Damn, talk about heavy! You can see Eddie grit his teeth and snarl on the approach ready to tear the AstroTurf to pieces. R.I.P. prowler.

Ever up for the challenge, ‘The Beast’ smashed the strongman push for 25 m. Throughout the whole thing you can hear him grunt as his buddies enthusiastically offer encouragement. When we say ‘enthusiastically’, we mean aggressively shout at Eddie to reach the finish line.

According to his Instagram, the prowl nearly ‘broke’ Eddie, but he ‘got it done.’ Two of his chosen hashtags were fittingly; ‘#fatbastards’ and ‘#LightWeight’.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad effort to say he was supposed to be taking it easy on the strongman stuff. We love you Eddie, don’t ever change, bro!


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