Conor McGregor Accepted UFC ‘Fighter of the Year’ Award With Hilarious Mobile Video


The Irishman always headlines events wherever he is, and he managed to steal the show while accepting his award back in 2016. 

Whether you like ‘The Notorious’ or not, you definitely know who he is. From being an up-and-coming UFC fighter to earning millions for fighting (arguably) the best boxer in the history of the sport, Conor has done pretty damn well.

He now makes it public knowledge that he has over $100m in the bank and seems to be absolutely loving life – wouldn’t you, brah?

Well, although he hasn’t been seen in the octagon for a while, he shared a hilarious video of when he accepted UFC’s ‘Fighter of the Year’ award in 2016.

“I need to feed all you bums”

Everytime you see Conor McGregor talk sh*t, you have to admit it’s absolutely hilarious. In another life he might have been a legandary stand-up comedian. Srs.

Other people simply wouldn’t have the balls to say the sh*t he says, even if they wanted to (not that many other athletes want to).

Anyway, we’re aboard the McGregor train because he’s a comical genius – and he’s a pretty good fighter too.

Speaking in his acceptance video, Conor McGregor said:

“Nobody can touch me and I apologize for not being there, there’s another man that must be slayed, another champion that needs to be dethroned. 

“There’s more numbers that need to be broken, I need to feed all you bums, I need to feed every single one of yous in the game, so I got to keep working. Because you bums don’t work. 

“We got the heavyweight champion who’s a p*ssy. Pulling out with a sore toe, how’s the heavyweight champion gonna pull out with a sore toe, what kind of champion is that. The game is on its knees.

“I apologise that I can’t be there at the awards, but I’m out here working. Putting in the true work. The work it takes to keep every one of you fed. 

McGregor finished his mobile phone-stream acceptance with the words: “So thank you, and thank me.” 

We’ll give a shout-out to Urijah Faber who wins our ‘best comment’ on McGregor’s video:

“Hahaha looking like the wizard of oz🏆”

Inspired by Urijiah’s comment, we decided to create an image…


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