Chul Soon Guest Posing at a Wedding is Weird as F*ck


It’s your big day. You’re going to be marrying the girl of your dreams. Now, after the I do’s and the loving stare into each others eyes, you want nothing more than to escape the gaze of friends and family and process the huge decision you’ve just made.

But, you suddenly remember that you’d booked a massive Korean dude to rip his clothes off and start guest posing in front of you and your wife. Whoops.

This is what looks like happened at a wedding that took place in Busan, a city in South Korea.

Trousers off

In the absolutely mental video, gargantuan Korean bodybuilder bursts in front of the bride and groom and jumps right into a posing routine. As the video goes on, he takes his trousers off and runs about the venue a little more.

It’d be easy to assume that the bride and groom booked this to happen, but judging by their slightly confused and even slightly bored faces we’d be surprised if it wasn’t the case.

Regardless of what the hell is going on, Chul Soon looks less like a bodybuilder and a bit more like that one fucked up relative you get at every wedding.

You can confuse yourself by watching the footage below.

*Congratulations to the Bride and Groom*

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