Calum Von Moger Bicep Tear


It seems that even some of the most credible bodybuilders are falling into the trap of damaging themselves for a few likes and shares.

Gym’s are quickly becoming more and more like circuses. With people standing on each others backs, standing on dumbbells then standing on each others backs or standing on dumbbells on someone elses back attempting a 1RM deadlift.

In short, this shit is getting silly.

Don’t get us wrong though, if you’ve got full control over the situation and are some form of weird circus professional, by all means train how you need to train. But if you’re attempting something that’s completely stupid and you’re weak as shit, then don’t bother.

Calum Von Moger, the “young Arnold” and hugely popular Australian bodybuilder has just learned the hard way.

While attempting to perform a two person 400lb curl with someone a different height to him, he appears to tear his bicep on the second half-rep.

Sure, if he’d pulled it off it would have been impressive. But he didn’t and now he’s probably going to spend around 2 months letting it recover.

Calum wrote in the post on Instagram “I really should have known better, I forgot to warm up properly…”.

Probably should have warmed up, or not bothered risking injury at all…

Stupidity breeds stupidity, so if you fancy making the Spot Me Bro news, feel free to give the 400lbs curl a go. Maybe set the barbbell on fire and drink a bottle of jack Daniels first*.

*SpotMeBro won’t be liable for the injury/death/shaming of anyone who has a go.

Check out the video below:

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  1. Looks like it really happened by the expression on his face. But doesn’t the bicep get a funny shape when this happens. Like it will still look fully flexed.

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