Bodybuilding Couple are the Ultimate Motivation


A married couple in Philadelphia have smashed the odds to become successful bodybuilders, despite having scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

Husband Wade Washington originally dreamed of being a professional wrestler, however his goals changed and so he turned to bodybuilding with his wife, BJ who was struggling with weight and cerebral palsy.

BJ managed to not only start getting herself out of bed, but lost 57 pounds in a year and now regularly squats in the gym.

Both Wade and BJ have managed to bring home medals for their efforts.

BJ said about bodybuilding; “It really teaches us discipline and to really be in touch with who we are as a person with a disability,”

“I overcome of whatever life throws at me. I don’t let it stop me. I don’t give up,”

So if you thought about skipping the gym today, do you really have an excuse?

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