Bodybuilder Dies 5 Days After Contracting Flu


Kyler Baughman, an extremely fit, young bodybuilder passed away after ignoring flu symptoms. 

The 21-year-old from Pennsylvania was an upcoming bodybuilder who had won local competitions. He was described as being ‘extremely fit’ and had aspirations in becoming a personal trainer, but the problems began just before Christmas 2017.

After noticing flu-like symptoms such as a cough and congested nose, Kyler didn’t think much of his illness. But after being sent home from work 3 days later, he tragically passed away only 48 hours later.

Cause of Death

You’re probably reading this thinking it’s highly unlikely to die from flu. While that might be true, it seems that Kyler’s flu rapidly led to other problems, which is what led to his tragic passing.

Doctors have since confirmed his death as a result of septic shock caused by influenza.

Bodybuilder-Dies-5-Days-After-Contracting-Flu-1Photo Credit: The Sun

Reminder To Not Ignore Symptoms of Illness

With Kyler’s family mourning their loss, his mother and father have made it their mission to try and spread awareness, to ensure no-one else makes the same mistakes.

Speaking to the WPXI, Kyler’s mother, Beverly said: “We saw him the 23rd for our family Christmas get-together and we noticed he wasn’t feeling well. He looked rundown and had a bit of a snotty nose.

“I think he thought, ‘I just got the flu, I’ll be alright. I’ll go rest a little bit’. I just think he ignored it and thought it’d go away like most people, and I think people need to pay more attention to their bodies,”

Todd Baughman, Kyler’s father added: “Try and know your body. Don’t let things go. Whenever you have a fever for multiple days, don’t let it go, get it taken care of.” 

This sad story serves as a dark reminder that even a illness as common as flu can develop into something more serious. So make sure that you take a trip to your doctor if you’re feeling unwell.

R.I.P Kyler Baughman.

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