Bareknuckle Fighting is Back – Starts on June 2nd


The United States will hold it’s first bare-knuckle fighting event since 1889 in June.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship will take place in Cheyenne, Wyoming and see former UFC fighters, pro boxers and Bellator fighters taking part.

Promoter Dave Fieldman spoke with MMA and said;

“It truly is the first legal, sanctioned bare-knuckle fighting event in the United States since 1889,”

The event, which will only permit punches as strikes, will also allow clinches. Wyoming was the first state, out of 28, to take Dave Fieldman up on legalizing the sport.

When asked about the reason for the Wyoming state athletic comission sanctioning the sport, the chairman, Bryan Pedersen said;

We already regulate sanction MMA and kickboxing,” He continued, “And in both of those you can receive a knee to the head, a shin kick to the head and an elbow to the head. That’s all heavy, heavy blunt-force trauma. So hand striking scores far lower than that. I think you’ll see far less concussive blows to fighters and that’ll protect everybody.”

Boxing gloves were originally developed to protect the hands of fighters, not the heads. Which means that bare-knuckle fighting could actually see a reduction in concussions and brain injury for the fighters.

Ricco Rodriguez UFC
Ricco Rodriguez will be fighting at the event.

Along side not allowing knees, kicks and elbows fighters will be matched according to weight classes. No gloves will be worn, instead fighters will have hand wraps that end one inch from the knuckles.

The card has already drawn in some pretty big names from the UFC. With former 2002 UFC Heavyweight Champion, Ricco Rodreiguez being the most notable.

Best of luck to all the fighters, but we’d take our chances in a cage over exposed knuckle to the nose. That’s why no one will remember our name…other than us. Who won’t have concussion.

You can watch the event on PPV for $29.99 at If the sport does well, we can probably expect to see more states adopting Bare-knuckle over the coming years.

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