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How to Increase HGH Level Naturally

With the first signs of GH deficiency, many people start thinking about the HGH injection treatment as the only way out of this. But very few of these people remember about the possibility to prevent or postpone this decrease.

The decrease of HGH is quite natural with age, but with proper exercises, 7-hour sleep at night, lack of stresses and right food it is possible to influence HGH secretion.

There is hardly a sphere in a human life that is not influenced by right eating habits. There are certainly some products that influence the production of HGH, and they are constantly spoken about. Numerous studies have been held to prove their benefits for HGH secretion.

Here is the list of 20 beneficial foods for human growth hormone:

  • Pineapple – is beneficial for digestive processes. Pineapple before sleeping stimulates serotonin and melatonin releasing that influences HGH and testosterone secretion.


  • Fava Beans – are rich in L-Dopa, an agent to increase GH, dopamine and testosterone level in the organism.

  • Goji Berries – are rich in vitamins and contain 22 minerals, 18 amino acids, fatty acids and compounds known as sesquiterpenoids. They stimulate HGH secretion as include L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, beneficial for GH boosting.

  • Coconut Oil – participated in fat-burning metabolic processes and affects HGH secretion within 30-90 minutes after its consumption.

  • Grassfed Beef – is rich in bio-active amino acids like L-Valine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine and L-Arginine, as well as Coenzyme-Q10 and carnitine.

  • Yogurt  – but only organic, unpasteurized one, will supply your body with L-Glutamine too.

  • Raw Chocolate – is the richest source of tryptophan. It can influence the pituitary gland to produce HGH and dopamine.

  • Algaes – like spirulina and chlorella increase HGH production significantly.
  • Eggs – are full of vitamins A, B (multiple types), D, E, K, DHA, EPA and growth peptides.

  • Watermelon – is rich in the amino acid L-Citrulline that body transfers into arginine to stimulate HGH secretion in a natural way.

  • Parmesan – as organic food contains bio-available protein, peptides that are GH boosting.

  • Nuts – are filled with high L-Arginine for HGH production.
  • Raisins – are also L-Arginine containers good for GH and testosterone secretion due to their high boron contents.

  • Whey Protein – without artificial sweeteners and colors includes a plethora of amino acids to stimulate HGH secretion and muscle growth.


  • Gelatin Desserts – are also filled with L-Glutamine to increase HGH levels. It is especially good if you like something sweet but avoid artificial sweeteners and colors.

  • Beets – are also alkaline foods to balance PH while increasing GH, testosterone and nitric oxide levels.

  • Lemons – are alkaline products that help to balance PH to boost HGH in a natural way.
  • Colostrum – is the milk the cow gives after giving birth to a calf. It contains high level of amino acids and growth peptides.

  • Raw Milk – includes the compounds stimulating HGH secretion.

  • Water – increases both HGH and testosterone and flushes toxins out of your organism

List of Products that Increase Human Growth Hormone

However, if HGH deficiency has been diagnosed, GH injection treatment is the best solution in this case. There are a number of options available for this therapy. Such pharmaceutical companies and brands are reliable and trustworthy:

  • Humatrope by Eli Lilly
  • Genotropin by Pfizer
  • Omnitrope by Sandoz
  • Norditropin by Novo Nordisk
  • Saizen by EMD Serono
  • Tev-Tropin by Teva

In cases where the HGH deficiency is very slight, the doctor may prescribe Sermorelin instead of human growth hormone injections. Sermorelin boosts the pituitary gland to secrete increased HGH amounts. Once again, this determination should be made by a hormone replacement specialist following blood analysis and physical examination. You can learn more about HGH on WebMDLivestrong, and AuthorityNutriton.

Stay away from products such as HGH pills, drops, patches, and sprays. These are not real HGH and will not increase human growth hormone levels. You can also contact an HRT specialist to discover what options are best for you.

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  1. i have hair loss problem and small height and thin musceles so what should i eat or drink to cure these problems

    1. Try to eat kalonji and honey in the morning
      1tbs of kalonji mixed with honey your problem be completely gone in 2-3days

      1. I wanna increase my height,, it is 5’3 at now i want 5’9 what should i do ???? I’m also under nutrient,, so i use to look very slim,,, please tell me some solution of this..

  2. I’m 22, my height is 162 (5’2 or 5’3). My brother is 168( 5’5) taller than me and my little sister is same my as my height. Tell me what kind of foods should I take or is my growth hormone stopped, because of my age? If any injection available for growth hormone pls suggest me

  3. we all should follow the natural ways to get proper height as we can not depend on the artifcial ones.Eggs, chocolates, coconut,milk and a balanced diet can make us fit.Why should we follow others?Also be aware of fast foods.

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