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Ball shrinkage and testosterone injections – should you be scared?

If you know what testosterone injections are, then you’ve deifniately heard the horror stories of ‘roid rage’ and ‘ball shrinkage’, two of the more commonly reported side effects. But just how real are the reports of ball shrinkage and testosterone injections? Is it something that you should be scared of?

We’re not here to take the piss with this one, as this is a legitimate concern for thousands of athletes the world over. So it’s pretty important people understand the facts surround steroid use and their family jewels.

So, the best place to start then, is by looking at what actually causes your balls to shrink when you decide to take extra testosterone. The term for this, the scientific term, is testicular atrophy.

Testicular Atrophy – Ball Shrinkage


Testicular Atrophy doesn’t just occur to people who’ve abused steroids or testosterone injections, in fact it’s actually a pathological condition that sees healthy balls shrink down gradually.

It can be age, injury or some form of autoimmune illness. It’s still not that common however and when it does happen, it usually happens alongside a loss of function. Gutting.

Bodybuilders that experience this condition have generally been seen to have balls the size of boys before they hit puberty. Which is pretty shocking, but backed up studies.

The problem occurs when cells in the testicles start to slow or stop production for whatever the reason, testosterone injections in this case.

Why do balls shrink from testosterone injections?

When you take any form of testosterone, your obviously jacking up t levels beyond what would normally be produced in your body. The way the production of testosterone in males works is the brain basically sends signals to the your nuts to produce testosterone when it’s needed.

If you’re adding testosterone into your body, then the messages will no longer be sent down below.

This then sees your balls become redundant. And the loss of libido, as well as testicular atrophy will occur.


Testosterone Injections and Ball Shrinkage – Is there a proven link?

As you can tell from reading above, yes. But if you presume that every time you inject testosterone or use any type of steroid your balls will suddenly shrink then you’d be wrong. In fact a study conducted on 207 bodybuilders, who’d all used steroids, found that only 8.21% (17 people) of them had actually experienced ball shrinkage as a side effect.

This percentage jumped slightly on another study of 100 athletes who’d used steroids. In fact it jumped a lot. Testicular atrophy was the most reported side effect here (40% of athletes). Second only to acne.

Other side effects of Testosterone Injections

If you’re seriously considering testosterone injections or other forms of steroids then it’s worth noting that raisin sized nuts are the only side effects you can expect.

In fact, it might sound shitty, but you are basically guaranteed one negative from steroid supplementation.

Preventing ball shrinkage from testosterone injections

Now if you’re seriously considering committing to a cycle, and worried about your balls shriveling, you can use another medication, HCG or¬†Human chorionic gonadotropin, part way through your cycle to alleviate completely remove your chances of testicular atrophy.

This hormone is naturally occuring and studies have backed up that it can increase the size of testicles.

Whilst we know what works for us with cycles and how best to avoid our nuts shrinking, we don’t want to be dishing advice that causes harm here. So, we’d recommend you speak to your physician about the implications of this drug. And heavily research how to use it.

Ball shrinkage and testosterone injections – should you be scared?

If you’re going on a cycle of steroids, then, there is a high chance you will be experiencing some side effects. It might not always be testicular atrophy, but it is fairly common.

The good news is it can be avoided with the addition of HCG, the bad news is this carries even more risks in itself.

Remember bro, steroids are a serious drug and the decision to use them is not be taken lightly. This is heavy shit. Read up more. Read up again. Then think HARD if you want to do it. Ask a doctor. Ask a priest. There’s no going back. But the gains can be so worth it.

Increase Testosterone WITHOUT Side Effects

If you don’t fancy depriving your nads of key hormones and want to avoid testicular atrophy and other horrible side effects, there are plenty of other ways to build up testosterone.

A completely natural and fully proven way is with natural testosterone booster supplements.

These supplements promote increased levels of male sexual hormones, giving you new levels of muscle, more energy and an increased vitality. Without the risks of illegal substances.

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