Kevin Levrone Gives His Two Cents On Phil Heath

See what this legend had to say about the current Mr. Olympia.

Today, anybody who’s an anybody can say what they want or feel like saying about whoever it is they feel like talking about, but no one really cares about what they have to say because their words hold no weight.

Their words hold no weight because they’re inexperienced in the field in which they’re verbally expressing their minds at. In such cases, it’s only an opinion.

On the other hand, get someone with some real field work under their belt and ask them for their opinion on a matter in their field and the crowds will gather to listen.

Such is the case of today’s topic.

In an interview, bodybuilding legend, Kevin Levrone was asked to give his thoughts on the current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath. And so he did.

It’s not what you would think though. Kevin had absolutely nothing bad to say about Heath, in fact, it was the total opposite. Although he didn’t address the character of Phil (maybe because he doesn’t know him personally), he did have a few words of praise about Phil’s physique.

Watch the video below:

I’ve always maintained the idea that today’s top level bodybuilders wouldn’t have stood a chance against athletes of the 90s. But Kevin Levrone begs to differ.

He says that Phil would have been breaking necks and cashing cheques back then, just the same as he is doing today. It’s hard to argue with Levrone on this matter because he was one of the top dogs in the 90s.

What do y’all think?

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