The Best Gym Game Online : Blast Zombies and Make Gains


Gym and bodybuilding games are few and far between. We’ve played most, and finally found the best. If you’re a fan of shooters and also want to make gains during the game, 4 Gauge: Load Up Your Guns is a gym based game with it all.

Featuring exercise mini games, bosses and various weapons, this is a simple yet fun retro style shooter. Perfect to blast away some time with travelling to the church of iron. Or when a vomit inducing leg day has got you crippled and pinned to the sofa for 24 hours.

What’s even better is that because the game is sponsored by a company, high scores mean you can bag yourself some prizes. But, the game itself gets pretty hard. As more and more waves of zombies pile in to the gym.

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Bodybuilding Game – 4 Gauge Load Up Your Guns Story

You don’t really need to know the story beyond ‘Kill the zombie roid monsters’ in this gym game, but if you’re super keen and want to know why you’re dropping people left right and center at your local gym then here’s the backstory;

The game is set in your gym, after the outbreak of some lethal steroids which have turned loads of jacked bros, Instagram models and old guys into dead eyed aggressive monsters.

Luckily for you though, you have a shotgun. We’re not sure why a guy would have a shotgun in a gym, but let’s pretend he’s very pro 2nd amendment.

As you blast your way through the monsters to save your gym, you can upgrade yourself by choosing to perform exercises. This improves stats and makes your character a little stronger.

At the end of each wave is a Boss Wave. These motherfu*kers are tough.


The controls of the game are pretty simple and explained in the game. It’s set like a classic arcade shooter on both PC and mobile. With a directional switch controlling firing direction and joystick controlling the character.



In terms of other gym and bodybuilding online games there isn’t much out there that’s had the time put into it like 4 Gauge Load Up Your Guns.

What is Roar Ambition? 

The company behind this retro bodybuilding shoot-em-up game is Roar Ambition. Roar Ambition are a sports supplement company with global market and 4 Gauge is an online game based around their pre workout drink called, you guessed it, 4 Gauge.

4 Gauge is an all natural pre workout aimed at casual gym goers and experienced lifters alike.

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