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How to Burn Chest Fat, Fast!

Bro, it’s hard claiming your alpha male status with man tiddies. So, it makes sense that you want to burn that chest fat, fast! Fortunately for you we’re the kings of looking buff and have a foolproof plan to get you started. Read on to find out how to turn those perky pecs to popping…


Article brodown:

  • Can you burn chest fat?
  • How to get buff
  • The three-pronged attack
  • Conclusion


Can you burn chest fat?

We’re gonna have to level with you brother. Sorry, but you can’t specifically burn chest fat. But don’t freak out because that doesn’t really matter.

What you can do is burn fat in general. So, rather than try and target area, you can lose fluff from your entire body. When you come to think of it, this is kind of better, right? Why lose it in one area and not everywhere else?

This is because excess body fat is stored away fuel. And when times are lean, for example when we were starving cavemen, our bodies would use this fat for energy. Rather than try to metabolize non-existent food we broke down our body fat to keep us alive. Don’t act like that’s not cool.

Some bros are more likely to get fat than others. Your genetics are likely to determine your predisposition for how lean you are, yet lifestyle plays a huge factor too. Sometimes it can also be down to how well balanced your hormones are.

Luckily, there’s sh*t you can do to overcome these obstacles. Keep reading to find out how you’re gonna go from fluff to buff brother.


Arnold Schwarzenegger showing low levels of chest fatHow to get buff

First up, you have to recognize what’s causing the chest fat in the first place. Take a look at this checklist of common chest fat causes:

  • Are you eating processed foods that are high in calories but not exercising?
  • Are you a natural ectomorph (pear-shaped, broad shoulders, natural higher levels of body fat, heavy boned & ‘stocky’)?
  • Do you drink alcohol regularly?
  • Is low testosterone an issue?


If you can tick off any of the above, we’ve most likely found some of the cause. If not, keep reading anyway, because our method of attack will work for everybody.

You’re going to get buff by counteracting what’s going on with the issues above. By taking action against your lifestyle, genetic predispositions, or hormonal imbalances, you’ll work towards crushing those man tiddies or good.

Ever wondered how elite athletes and Hollywood actors get so jacked? It’s really simple, bro. Just cover the three fundamental bases for fat loss without sacrificing muscle mass. With enough hard work and dedication, anybody can make it happen.

To have the most impact on your chest fat you’ll need to go in hard. The best way of doing this is with a three-pronged attack…


The three-pronged attack

Losing fat without maintaining lean muscle is a surefire way to end up ‘skinny-fat’. Essentially people who do this end up getting slim, without the hard muscle to look good. Rather than ending up looking like a Greek statue cut in granite, they look like something sculpted from butter.

However, if a bro makes sure to keep his muscle on point, he’s guaranteed to end up looking buff. Imagine it like peeling away the layers of body fat to reveal a strong, powerful, and ripped physique.

To do this you’re gonna need to go in with a three-shot combo. Sort of like a jab-cross-hook to the chin of your chest fat. Your knockout of the night combination will be…

  • Diet
  • Resistance training
  • Sleep

Together, these three things can help fix or reverse any damage done. And when done properly, they work together to support optimal fat loss, while maintaining and shaping lean muscle mass.

Oh, and they’ll give your testosterone a serious boost too. Winning!


Testosterone and gynecomastia

One of the leading causes of chest fat is low testosterone, which sometimes results in ‘man boobs’. Known by its medical name “gynecomastia”, excess chest fat in the form of ‘man boobs’ is caused by a hormonal imbalance between the male sex hormone testosterone and estrogen.

When testosterone is low, higher levels of estrogen causes breast tissue to grow. So, while not all cases of chest fat are related to gynecomastia, those that are caused by high-estrogen can be combatted. The fix? Elevate your T, bro.

We’ll be looking at this throughout the article so stick around.


bodybuilder working out behind a selection of high protein foodDiet

Shedding fat from your body can only be made possible by entering a calorie deficit. You must eat fewer calories than you burn in a day or else fat stores won’t be used.

This means finding out how many calories you get through in a 24-hour window. You may have heard this amount also called your “total daily energy expenditure” or TDEE for short.

First, you calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you’d burn in a day just to stay alive (imagine sleeping motionless in bed all day).

Next, you multiply your BMR by your activity level to find your TDEE, before finally deducting 10-20% to enter a safe calorie deficit.

Confused? Don’t be, bro. Just follow this formula:

  • Men: BMR = 66.5 + ( 13.75 × weight in kg ) + ( 5.003 × height in cm ) – ( 6.755 × age in years )

Got your BMR? Cool. Now it’s time to multiply it by your activity level…

  • Sedentary or light activity – Office worker getting little or no exercise = 1.53
  • Active or moderately active – Construction worker or person running one hour daily = 1.76
  • Vigorously active – Agricultural worker (non-mechanized) or person swimming two hours daily = 2.25

Now, take your TDEE and take away 10-20% to find a safe calorie deficit.


What to eat and when

We’d recommend you split these calories up into six meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism revving. This will also help stave away cravings and hunger pangs.

When it comes to fat loss, protein is king. Not only does it work to help maintain and sometimes increase lean muscle mass while in a deficit [1], protein improves satiety too. At this point, you won’t be shocked to hear that studies have shown a high-protein diet to be super-efficient for improving fat loss [2].

Here’s a guide to eating the right kinds of protein for your goals.

Save your carbs for training times as unused sugars are likely to be turned into fat. Try to stick to complex carbs throughout the day and save simple sugars for exercise purposes.

Check out this complete guide to carbs for weight loss in bodybuilding for more info.

Finally, don’t ditch the fats! Healthy fats are essential for forging testosterone inside the body, keeping men healthy, and even building muscle.

Click here to be directed to our healthy fats for muscle building page.


bodybuilder training to burn chest fat fastTraining

Forget trudging for hours on the treadmill. That sh*ts outdated and the only thing it’ll do is hammer your knees to dust while all the smart bros get jacked. You’re smart, right? Of course, you are. That’s why you’re gonna be lifting weights with us!

Research has shown that resistance training is awesome for scorching body fat [3]. Heavy compound lifting crushes calories like nothing else, purely because they recruit so many muscle groups. For a better insight into how you can use compound lifts to burn chest fat, check out our ultimate guide to compound exercises for bros.

Another reason that resistance training goes hand in hand with fat loss is hormones. Gripping and ripping a barbell ignited some primal sh*t inside men that’s proven to boost testosterone. Studies have indicated that weight training, especially at high intensities, can cause testosterone production to skyrocket [4].

Here’s an upper chest specific old-school workout to get them pecs popping. It uses the all key concepts of compound lifting – while targeting an often-overlooked area of the chest.



Now both your diet and training are on lock, we’ve gotta fix that lifestyle. Because after all, it doesn’t matter how well you eat or move if you’re f*cking it up with bad bedtime habits.

Studies indicate that a lack of sleep is a surefire way to lower your testosterone [5], while simultaneously making you tired and hungrier throughout the day.

Some research even suggests that a lack of sleep can be a cause of (mo)obestity and loss of lean muscle mass – not good if you’re trying to craft a chiseled chest [6].

Ultimately, this results in tanked hormones, lifeless workouts, and intense cravings for calories. Yup – that’s three things to sabotage your fat loss goals.

So, make sure to get between seven to eight hours of quality zees every single night. If you struggle to drift off, try to ditch screens an hour before bed and practice some mindfulness. Scientists suggest that mindfulness meditation can offer a short-term solution to remediate moderate sleep disturbances [7].


bodybuilder showing low levels of chest fatConclusion

Let’s be absolutely clear – there is no way to target fat areas. However, it’s totally possible to attack body fat as a complete entity. By reducing your overall amount you’ll be making great waves in becoming buff AF, ultimately fixing the spots troubling you the most.

One of the most effective methods of doing so is with this three-pronged attack. By optimizing your training, diet, and sleep, you give your body all the weapons it needs to blast away the flab.

Not only are you eating all the right foods, but you’re training in the right way too. When combined with high-quality sleep, you’ll be doing all the right things to take your testosterone to new levels.

You know what that means, right? A hard, chiseled and masculine physique worthy of the alpha-male status. You’d have to be crazy not to want that.

Good luck, bro! Go shed those man tiddies for good and never look back.


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