George Foreman To Fight Steven Seagal?

A very weird callout


Retired two time heavyweight world champion George Foreman has, for some reason, challenged action star and martial artist Steven Seagal to a fight.

Fresh after the last major superfight between Mayweather and McGregor, George Foreman has taken to Twitter to directly challenge Seagal to a fight.

George Foreman is happy to use boxing and let Seagal use ‘whatever’.


Foreman’s challenge comes around a time when Steven Segal has spoken out against the NFL protests taking place in the US at the minute.

Seagal referred to the protests as disgusting in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Whilst sitting in Russia. Weird.

It’s worth noting the link between Seagal and his South Park version too. He’s quite literally modeled himself on it.


Foreman’s tweet wants the fight to take place in Vegas. Which is the venue of the last big money fight.

This is weird. And we’d say that nobody on earth would have seen this call out coming.

We certainly didn’t wake up this morning thinking we’d need a Foreman V Seagal PPV in our life. But we do now.

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