The No-BS Guide To Becoming A D-List YouTube Fitness Celebrity

You’ve got three years of weightlifting experience, a gym membership, and a burning passion for fitness. You feel that it’s your destined path to motivate others and promote a healthy lifestyle. A low GPA and crippling student loan debt shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dream. This is what you were meant to be. If Arnold can come from Austria and achieve success, so can you. If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, you’re not dreaming big enough. It’s you vs you. So are you going to punk out? Or are you going to risk it ALL? Yea that’s what I thought. Go grab your iPhone, it’s time to become a D-list internet celebrity.


Your Brand

First things first, you have to create a brand. Creating an original channel name is crucial to your success. “Fitness” is no doubt the most innovative word you can use for your fitness channel. It tells others what your channel is about – fitness. This helps accumulate a target audience and establishes your brand.

Once a brand is established, you can gain recognition through social media. Social media is the life of your brand. It’s not possible to have YouTube success without an Instagram account. Remember, it’s your job to constantly motivate others on all platforms, even when they don’t want to be motivated. Regularly posting selfies and motivational quotes will only work IF you take advantage of hashtags. Minimum of ten hashtags should be used on every post; this provides a wider net to catch even more insecure individuals. By now, you know how to angle, light, and filter your pictures even better than a fat chick. But on off days where your pictures just aren’t happening, use a picture of a lion or a gorilla to represent yourself.

Remember this key principal – if you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.


Brand recognition will help you gain subscribers and views. Impressive numbers will land you a YouTube Partnership, and this is what it’s all about. Always remind yourself of the ultimate goal – a YouTube Partnership, because honestly, if YouTube wasn’t going to pay you, you wouldn’t be doing this.

Time to Shoot

Now that you’ve established a brand, it’s time to record your workouts. Grab your unemployed childhood friend and head to the gym. It’s essential to have a cameraman, recording yourself is an amateur move; you’re a professional who pumps out quality videos, not some schmuck recording himself at the gym. Focus your workouts on biceps and chest, but don’t forget to pretend to enjoy leg day. In fact, repeatedly tell your viewers that leg day is your favorite day, because you can’t spell legendary without leg day. Creating a unique workout is easier than you think, take a proven traditional workout and rearrange the sets and reps. Get creative and formulate an entirely new untraditional workout, for example – machines first, then free-weights, and compound movements because your job is to be different. Always tell your viewers that you’ve been doing this for years, and if it doesn’t work, that’s because everyone’s body reacts differently.


You’ll most likely run out of exercises and routines because there are only so many ways you can pick up heavy things and put them down. But there are infinite ways you can rearrange and name your workouts.

This keeps the content on your channel fresh, a new title changes everything (Hangover 2). Glorify how much better your new routine is, and how amazing the results are. This gives you another two-week window to come up with a new title and arrangement.

Next Level Meals

You can take your channel to the next level by recording your meals. No matter how bland your meal is, record it. Tell your viewers to try YOUR recipe that you found on the Internet. Not enough people know that abs are made 70% in the kitchen and 30% in the gym. Eating out can also make great content; restaurants like Chipotle, Dennys, and IHOP provide refreshing ambiance and environment for your viewers.


The Struggle

Don’t forget to get personal on your videos. You had a part-time job while going to school so you definitely know the hardships of life. Share your rough experiences and how it motivated you to start this fitness journey. It’s 2015, people love emotional shit. Your goal is to become the Drake of fitness channels. Emotional people are willing to throw money and support at you for “keeping it real.” So keep it real like Aubrey Drake Graham.


We Made it

You’re now on your way to becoming a YouTube Fitness Star. Don’t forget to plan merchandising because nothing says “I made it” like selling your own awesome shirts on Shopify. If you really make it big, you’ll eventually produce your own pre-workout, so take my advice — don’t talk shit on any supplements because you just might put your face on one later. You’re welcome. Don’t worry it’s not selling out, because now that it has your face and name on it, you really believe that it works. In wise words of Aubrey, “only bitches with no money act like money isn’t everything.”

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