Alejandra Gil Does the Best Squats

Alejandra Gil


Buenos Dias Mis Amigos.

Alejandra Gil comes Straight Outta Columbia, with an ass you could put a Ron Viejo de Caldas on as she’s standing up, and pour it out as she’s bending over.


A model for WSHH and MFC. She specializes in booty, and is a self proclaimed fitness enthusiast.

Alejandra Gil

In her free time she plays by the pool.


In her free time she plays pool.


In her free time she poses before she goes to the pool.

What’s her secret? Tapas and “Vegetal Protein with soybean, wheat and completely healthful oats”.

Alejanddra Gil and Protein

Ahh, and here is where her fitness side comes out. She’s damn sure the best girl doing squats right now.

Alejandra Gil Workout

Watch her fitness enthusing video on the next page!


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