Arnold Schwarzenegger Found Lifting Weights at Gym In Leeds (UK)

The Governator found time to make some gains during his tour

Arnold Schwarzenegger Found Lifting Weights at Gym In Leeds (UK)

The Austrian Oak still makes time to lift weights inbetween an event in Leeds, UK. 

It’s not often that you’ll go to your local gym and see the biggest legend in the bodybuilding curling weights.

But that’s what happened to some extremely lucky gym-goers in Leeds, UK.

After crossing the pond for a black-tie event, Ricky Moore, the owner of 1RM Training Studio, siezed his opportunity to meet Arnold; he invited him to his gym, in the hopes that the Austrian Oak would use his equipment.

And it paid off.

By lunch time in Leeds, UK, Arnold was seen pumping iron in Ricky’s gym. Unbelievable, the legend strikes again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger event in leeds

Why was Arnold in Leeds?

You might be asking yourself, why was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Leeds, UK? Well, he was holding a ‘meet and greet’ classed as a black-tie event.

The ticket prices ranged from £99 ($134) for a Silver Dinner package to £275 ($372) for a VIP Dinner Prime package.

On a website, these are the list of things that ticket holders received:

  • An EXCLUSIVE LIVE on stage interview with the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • High-quality 3-course dinner
  • Predator theme at both events celebrating the 30th anniversary.
  • Amazing life size Schwarzenegger film prop models provided by Mark Williams
  • Fantastic pre-event entertainment from Schwarzenegger/Terminator impersonator Stuart Arnold (Britain’s Got Talent)
  • An exact replica ‘Predator Actor’ in costume at both events
  • A Breathtaking Schwarzenegger on stage entrance.
  • Big Band Orchestra State 51 with Rat Pack singer playing throughout dinner.
  • Stunning auction with signed bespoke Schwarzenegger memorabilia
  • HUGE production with unseen Schwarzenegger video and photos shown throughout the interview on giant screens.
  • Celebrity interviewer tbc.
  • Chances to WIN Schwarzenegger related prizes in the event Prize Draw.

Meeting Arnold would have been priceless, so it definitely would have been worth the money – whether you paid for the silver or VIP Dinner Prime package.

If you went, let us know how the event was in the comments below…

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