The Wackiest Exercises Ever Caught on Camera – Second Edition


1. Switch-Foot Triceps Floaters

Tricep Switchoffs

2. The Executive

wackiest exercises the executive

3. Protein Pullups

Weird Asian Big Black Cock Protein Pullup

4. The Camaro

577942_431032960284457_1697032275_n The only time hell need 4 plates
*The only time he’ll ever need 4 plates.

5. Welcome to the Jungles

wackiest exercises 2 the jungle gym

6. Gastrointestinally Assisted Bench Press

SpotMeBro Wackiest Exercises Blob Bench Press

7. Babushka Ball-Bumps

Humping Ball

8. Ménage à Spõt

spotmebro wackiest exercises 2 menage a spot

9. Munson-ups

wackiest exercises 2 PullUpBar Fail

10. Reverse Cowboy Crunches

wackiest exercises 2 PullUpBar Fail

#4. The Camaro 
Xingular Han: Hello Spot Me Bro, I am number 4 with the Bruce Lee jumpsuit, my workout consists of balance, strong core, strength and endurance. Xing Engineering is the focus of a workout which will be concentrated towards one’s mentality, physical capability and to able to evolve to the next level.  My motivation to become stronger so that I can become a hero.

Which one is the wackiest?

Written by Egan Liabetto

Egan Liabetto

Founder of SpotMeBro and SpotMeGirl, this self proclaimed "information addict" is a member of the first generation of latchkey kids raised by the internet and grew up spending 12+ hours/day researching bodybuilding, fitness, and self-improvement online. By the age of 25, his internet exploits had made him a multimillionaire. When he's not in the gym, you can find Egan in any number of exotic locales drinking protein shakes and catcalling young women in their native tongue.