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    How Consuming Fish Oil Turns Fat-Storage Cells Into Fat-Burning Ones

      As obesity becomes a bigger and bigger problem, scientists are searching for new methods to help people lose body fat, and one of the newest and most successful methods is to consume fish oil. While it may sound strange that consuming fish oil, which is actually fat, helps to lose body fat, scientists were […]

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    The Top Fat Burning Foods for Men

    We all want to be shredded year-round, but we don’t want to be in a caloric deficit 24/7, 365 days a year. We don’t want to be doing endless bouts of cardio for the better part of 55 weeks. Good news for all you lazy bastards reading this (you’re not really lazy), you don’t have […]

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    How to Increase HGH Level Naturally

      With the first signs of GH deficiency, many people start thinking about the HGH injection treatment as the only way out of this. But very few of these people remember about the possibility to prevent or postpone this decrease. The decrease of HGH is quite natural with age, but with proper exercises, 7-hour sleep […]

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    Top Researchers Have a Pill to Make You Feel Immortal

      Elysium. Sounds familiar, right? Well we all know good marketing is about positive associations, and that movie with Matt Damon was cool as f*ck. Also, it had a lot to do with living longer, or at least staying healthier longer — and that’s exactly what the company Elysium Health has invested themselves in. Don’t […]

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    Pre, Post & Intra-Workout Nutrition For Muscle Building

      Most people forget nutrition is half the battle in their quest to look like a Greek god. They train hard and correctly but stunt their results because they ignore proper workout nutrition. Even someone who eats correctly throughout the day (enough protein, calories, healthy fats etc.) may not reach their full potential if they don’t […]

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using BCAAs

      I get it. You might not be lifting to be the next Physique Mr. Olympia or to build up your Instagram following to 100K; you might just be lifting weights and making gains purely because of your love that you have for the iron. Does that mean that you should neglect any strategized approach […]

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    Steroid Abuse Could Prevent You From Having Kids, Says Lee Priest

      A war has been waged in recent decades regarding the health implications of prolonged steroid abuse, and former Mr. Olympia contender and champion bodybuilder Lee Priest has suggested the use of anabolic drugs can prevent men from having kids. Fertility is one of the chief concerns among steroid-users due to evidence suggesting prolonged use of […]

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    Mental Domination is Key to “The Superstar Effect”

      A closely fought match in any sport is more than a physical battle. It is a struggle of character, mental strength, and personal will. Even in a match with yourself. It’s a constant personal and emotional contest in which you use everything you have. It’s up to you to fill that arsenal for peak […]

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    How to Preserve Muscle Mass in Old Age

      There is a timer on your body that unfortunately means a time will come when you’re no longer able to develop and retain muscle mass as effectively as you would in your younger years, but that date isn’t set in stone. Sarcopenia is the term used to describe age-related muscle loss, and after hitting […]

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    Have you heard the hype about testosterone supplements?

    If you haven’t heard the whispers, there’s a new supplement at GNC that’s got executives interested. Out of the tens of thousands of products sold by the nutrition giant, this particular supplement, a free testosterone booster known as Test X180 Ignite, is already well on its way to becoming one of GNC’s top 10 grossing […]