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    Feeding Pets Creatine and Protein Powder is Now a Thing

      PETA will not be happy about this one. Reddit is an online community that yields many positive debates and interesting anecdotes, but every now and then, humanity exposes itself in a manner you just wish it hadn’t. A recent stroll through the Reddit forums led this writer to a page where user ChineseGoddess had unearthed […]

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    How to Get a Sixpack by Eating (Ab-Growing Food Inside)

      No matter how hard you try, you won’t get abs by doing sit-ups, crunches or leg raises alone. Taking it further, abs aren’t made in the gym; they’re made in the kitchen. Everyone has abdominal muscles, it’s just some of us have our’s covered by a layer of fat. People who have fat covering their abs […]

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    Blue Zones: Where Immortal People Never Die

      Because we Americans stuff our faces with choice foods such as pop tarts and hot dogs, all while stressing about our horrible jobs and vegging out on Netflix, we assume people just naturally drop dead at fifty. Thankfully, this assumption is delusional and probably caused by eating too many pop tarts to begin with. There are […]

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    Top 5 High-Protein Foods Floating Under Your Radar

        If you’re tired of getting protein from meat and shakes so much that you’re losing your sense of taste, you need some delicious and healthy alternatives. Variety makes a diet more fun and beneficial to goals by providing all 22 amino acids, vitamins, and minerals you need to achieve your full potential. To make […]

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    6 Ways That Collagen Actually Helps With Bodybuilding

      Does collagen have any positive effect on bodybuilding and making gains? Hell-f_cking-yes it does! For those who are not versed in the way of the collagen, I will explain: Collagen is connective tissue that is found in all animals. It can be found abundantly in tendons, ligaments and skin. The chicken skin you always […]

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    A Bro’s Guide To The Low Carb Dieting For Fat Loss

      I will admit it. Just the thought of going low carb makes me cry like a Crossfitter without a WOD. No pasta? No rice? No bread? NO PUSSY? Just screwing with you. Pussy is thankfully a low carb food. But still, what the f**ck am I supposed to eat? Tree bark and steak? Iron […]

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    20,000 Calorie-Eating Giant Aims to be America’s Strongest Man

    Page 1 of 3 The Way of a Strongman Meet the strongest man on the West Coast, Robert Oberst, aka Obie; 6-foot 8-inches, 410 pounds, and eats like an elephant. Former football player and nightclub bouncer, encouraged by a work colleague Oberst tried his hand at Strongman events — earning a Pro-Card in just four months. Robert, who […]