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    Stretching Your Chest: You’ve Been Doing It Wrong

      It’s international chest day, and you’re about as keen as it gets. You’ve taken your pre-workout just as you left the office, which gives you an estimated 10-15 minutes before it kicks in. And depending on traffic, you’d might want to consider the kind of music on your going to rock-out on your way […]

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    Ideal Sets and Reps for Simultaneous Strength and Size Gains

      I distinctly remember when I first started weight training. I was 14 and had virtually no training knowledge and any knowledge I did have was bro science (do sit ups for abs, high reps to get shredded etc.). Me and my training partner would slave away at the bench press for hours at a […]

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  • renowned bodybuilders

    Renowned Bodybuilders Who Were Standouts at Playing Sports

      It’s no surprise that many folks in the bodybuilding and fitness scene have a history of playing sports, be it high school, collegiate, or on a professional level — after all, you hit the gym to improve on your strength and agility back then, right? Well, for most this might ring true, anyways. And […]

  • Strong Athletic Man Fitness Model Torso showing six pack abs.

    The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Chest Workout

        The key to an impressive chest is complete development of both the upper and lower pectorals. This complete development gives your chest that sought after fullness and slab-like appearance. To achieve this look, the chest needs to be hit from different angles with different rep ranges (like all muscles). Three things cause muscle growth: […]

  • milestones

    Achieve These 6 Goals And You Can Be An Alpha Male

      Page 1 of 3 Milestones play a big part in our lives — they help develop our character. But some milestones have a bigger impact than others; be it psychological, physical, or in a relationship. For instance, your first major milestone would probably be your first kiss, unless you jumped the gun and went straight […]

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    The Top 10 Things Your Ideal Gym Should Have But Probably Doesn’t

    What lifters care about, deeply spiritual beings that they are, is harmonizing themselves with the only universe they care about: their iron abode. The lifting man is possessed by dreams of all the things his gym ought to have, but currently doesn’t because management are a bunch of cheap skates barely qualified to run a road-side iced […]