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Foods That Kill Testosterone: What You Should Definitely Be Avoiding

It’s as simple as this, bro… avoid the foods that kill testosterone at all costs. You’ll lose your gains, lose your goals and probably lose your girl too.

You might be the perfect of alpha right now. Chiseled jaw, husky voice, and an imposing, muscular frame. But if you don’t avoid foods that kill testosterone you might find that your masculinity soon disappears. Before you know it you’re a beta – the kind of unassertive follower that avoids confrontations and can’t speak to women.

Wait, what?

Yep. And it’ll ruin your gains too.

If you don’t want to see your etched pecs replaced with big swinging man tiddies and you’d rather maintain a year-round six-pack and avoid a huge belly, you’d better start putting your hormones first bro.

Here’s the list of foods to look out for. Keep safe out there…

Get With the Brogram: Article Preview

  • The importance of alpha male testosterone levels
  • Why low androgens is a surefire way to f*ck up your sh*t
  • Foods that kill testosterone – avoid, avoid, avoid!

Testosterone: The key Masculinity Hormone

As ardent followers of brociology we spend a lot of time at SpotMeBro doing three things – lifting heavy things, chugging on protein shakes and reading up on the science of testosterone.

It’s a simple life full of bitches and gains… but someones got to do it.

And the more we learn about the powerful primary male hormone the more we realize that to remain at the top of the modern man food chain, you need to put your hormones first.


Testosterone: It separates the hunter-gatherers from the beta bitches

As a steroid hormone produced in your testes, testosterone is responsible for everything that makes you who you are.

Because of its anabolic and androgenic properties, this awesome hormone controls all elements of manliness. Higher testosterone levels in the blood mean alpha dominant characteristics – both physical and psychological.

Lower levels mean a life of background beta existence.

Here’s a quick breakdown of high-T benefits:

  • More muscle mass and lower levels of body fat jacked mass and peeled striations
  • Athlete endurance – persistence, fitness and unbreakable energy levels. Run a 5-minute mile and not even break a sweat.
  • Live long and prosper bro – Obliterate the risk of metabolic, vascular or cognitive illness.
  • Sex God status – If you’ve never made your girl do the eye roll orgasm thing from your expert pump action bedroom skills you’re doing it wrong you one-shunt failure.
  • Unf*ckwithable dominance – be the guy that oozes superiority and command.

‘Low T’ is a man killer that steals your gains…

There’s a huge game of chance when it comes to sub-par testosterone levels. Known as hypogonadism, low T levels flips the benefits on their head.

  • Reduced muscle mass, strength, and power
  • Lack of energy, poor sleep, and constant stress
  • Loss of authority. You become a walk over manlette bitch
  • No libido whatsoever. You won’t even have the sex drive to thumb in your softie bro. See ya, sex life!
  • High risk of disease and early death from severe illness (obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc.)

With more men than ever succumbing to the epidemic of low testosterone it’s important you do all you can to keep your balls topped up with this formidable, commanding androgen hormone.

There are 3 million men in the US alone who suffer from hypogonadism. While some are just born with crappy test levels, others find themselves in a hole because of a lack of exercise and a poor diet.

Don’t be that guy. It’s time to start optimizing testosterone by hitting rocket fuel foods

Brocery Shopping: Avoid These Foods That Kill Testosterone

Get your pen and paper bro, it’s time to write out your shopping list.

Only this time it’s not a list of chicken, beef and whey foods. It’s a list of foods to avoid at all costs.

Pin it to your fridge. Stick it to your gym bag. Hell, staple it to your forehead if you need to. Just don’t forget that these are the foods that kill testosterone…

#1. Flax seeds – little estrogenic seeds of hormone destruction

Flax seeds testosterone killer

The annoying thing about most of these basic InstaHoes isn’t the fact that they rely solely on their perky ass to make a living (we’re not complaining about that bit by the way). It’s the fact that as complete sheep they get a real wide on for flax seeds. They literally sprinkle the little seeds on everything – shakes, oats, cereals, you name it.

At face value, flax seeds are pretty healthy. They’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids and have been shown in the research to fight off malignant tumors and some types of cancers.

Okay, so what’s the issue bro?

Flax seeds are more estrogenic than a peri-menopausal woman in the middle of a PMS-meltdown. They contain compounds known as lignans. And it’s these small hormone-disrupting polyphenols that kick off the testosterone killing effect of flax seeds.

Studies show that flax seeds alter the way you metabolize estrogen. Rather than your body blocking the female hormone with high levels of testosterone, lignans act like endogenous estrogen, pushing their brutally-feminizing effects on your body. They force testosterone out of the way like some crazed handbag-wielding woman on her period.

Oh, and it doesn’t end there either. Because flaxseed also raises levels of a protein called SHBG in your blood. This destructive compound literally binds to testosterone, choke holding it into submission until it uselessly floats around your body.

Conclusion: Yeah, just don’t eat these seeds bro. You’re not a Kakariki bird and we hope you’re not an InstaHoe. So ditch the flax.


#2. Licorice – Tastes like actual sh*t, ruins hormones too

Licorice testosterone killer

Remember that candy that your dear old Granny used to give you? That black-colored, bitter, salty and chewy ‘treat’ that tastes like a cross between hobo foot and hooker ass?

The fact that licorice means ‘sweet root’ is probably a Han era in-joke. It was those dudes back in the 2nd century that first started chewing on the ass-foot food as a medicinal snack.

The main active ingredient in licorice root is glycyrrhizin – a plant saponin compound often found in herbal teas, medicines, cough mixtures and some soft drinks.

Research has shown that in in-vitro studies, glycyrrhizin decreases testosterone levels by 40%. It’s thought that the licorice root compound interferes with the production of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase – an enzyme that is involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones such as testosterone.

In another study, a bunch of bros were given 500 mg of glycyrrhetic acid. In as little as 7-days, their testosterone levels had plummeted by 26%. Rumors that they also started watching romcoms, writing their thoughts in journals, wearing leggings and ordering pumpkin spiced lattes are currently unsubstantiated.

“Oh my God, I can’t even…”

Conclusion: WTF are you even eating licorice for in the first place? Honestly bro, dump it and start eating normal foods that won’t ruin your anabolic gains.


#3. Alcohol – The cause (but not solution) to all life’s problems

Beer testosterone killing food

As a jacked dude with a full brocard, chances are you like hitting up the bars for some fine beer and even finer ass. You might be a wannabe beer-guzzling frat boy named Chad or you’re more of a craft beer-quaffing hipster named Eddie.

Either way, put the drink down dude. Your hormones will thank you.

Okay, it’s not technically one of the ‘foods’ that kill testosterone as such. But alcohol does provide you with calories so we’re using our initiative and sticking it on this list regardless.

To be honest, alcohol is fine in moderation. But if you’re the kind of guy that slams tequilas on the regular and favors a post-workout Bud over a protein shake it’s time to listen up.

One research project showed that when men went on a drinking binge their T levels were suppressed for hours afterward. But there’s a bigger picture too…

  • Alcohol interferes with sleep. And a lack of sleep also negatively affects testosterone
  • Glycogen repletion is slower when you drink. It’s harder to recover from tough workouts
  • Slows down post-workout inflammatory process needed to kick start protein synthesis. In other words, it slows down muscle growth
  • Long-term alcohol consumption can give you limp dick and damage testicular cells

And in true Colombo style, ‘just one more thing’…

Your favorite beer is probably giving you man boobs too. Yep, those feminine mounds where your pecs used to be is all down to the hoppy Indian Pale Ale you’ve been drinking. The hops in IPA are packed full of phytoestrogen compounds called 8-prenylnaringenin

And this compound will definitely kill your hormones.

Conclusion: The odd alcoholic drink here and there won’t hurt. But if you’re knocking back the beers left, right and center you’re in big mantitty trouble bro.

#4. Trans Fats – The sweet smell of hypogonadism

Trans fats testosterone killer

There’s nothing finer than a post-workout burger when you’re on a bulk, or slamming down a few donuts on cheat day. But when occasional becomes excessive you’re risking your hormonal health bro.

Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fatty acid, produced industrially by pumping hydrogen into fats that are normally liquid at room temperature. By doing this, their chemical arrangement is altered and they become solid.

The process of ‘hydrogenation’ essentially turns oils into thick, congealed and sticky fatty goodness that can gel up in your arteries.

Trans fats are used regularly in the food industry to manufacture cakes, biscuits and fast foods, simply because they’re cheap and have a long shelf life. But they’re nasty as f*ck for your health.

Chances are that TFAs will soon be tightly regulated by the FDA. They increase inflammation throughout the body, and that can lead to a range of other serious illnesses. Studies show that regular consumption of trans fats leads to heart disease for example.

TFAs are made up of PUFA fats. And it’s excessive amounts of these that have been linked to lowered testosterone. They also reduce levels of the ‘good’ cholesterol in the blood which is an important building block of testosterone (choleSTERol makes testoSTERone).

Conclusion: Why would you even think piling up your plate with donuts, cakes and fatty foods each day would be healthy in the first place bro? Get ’em in the trashcan!


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