6 Tips That Will Help You to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

Goodbye fat, hello muscle!



If you want to lose fat, cutting is a necessary part of doing so. However, many who are uneducated about fitness don’t know about how to burn fat without destroying their muscles, and so follow diets like “drink juices for two weeks and you’ll lose 12 pounds.” While these diets help to lose weight, this weight is not only body fat but also muscle tissue.

These type of diets are suitable for people who are super fat and have a little muscle mass. But for those who want to lose fat without destroying their muscles, drinking juices or eating carrots is not the best choice.

To lose fat without losing the muscle, it’s useful to know these six things that are easy to implement and are time-tested among professional athletes as well as health specialists.

1. Eat A Gangload of Protein


When you cut, you need to increase your protein intake, because while your body is in a caloric deficit, it breaks muscle tissue down, however, it includes body fat as well as muscle tissue. So, to limited the breakdown of muscle tissue, you need to consume enough protein.

Most often, it’s recommended to eat at least one gram of protein per one pound of bodyweight depending on factors like gender, age, genes, activity, and so on. But don’t overconsume protein because too much of it may cause cancer, yeast overgrowth, and indigestion.

2. Train Hard


There are people who think that if they consume fewer calories while cutting, they need to train less intensely than before and start using lighter weights or make any other changes that make the training easier.

Yet, if the muscles get less work, the body may think that you don’t need them and begin to use them as an energy source instead of body fat.

3. Avoid Reducing Calories Too Much


Some folks want to lose fat so quickly that they decide to consume too little calories than they need to stay healthy and keep their muscles in check. So, while these people lose weight faster than those who consume more calories while dieting, this weight is not only body fat but also the muscles.

To make sure that you’re consuming the right amount of calories (depending on your goal), it’s beneficial to use a fat loss calculator that will show you the number of calories you should eat to stay healthy and muscular, all while losing body fat.

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4. Be Careful With Cardio


Cardio is popular among many people as an easy way to lose fat without lifting weights. Yet, for experienced lifters who want to keep their muscle mass and lose body fat, it’s useful to decide whether cardio is needed at all.

It’s because by decreasing the number of calories you consume, you can still lose body fat while maintaining a regular weight lifting routine. This means that cardio isn’t necessary and is only useful if you want to burn fat while still eating a lot.

5. Take a Break if You Need it


There’s nothing wrong with taking a break. Whether you cut, bulk, or maintain, as long as four weeks of minimal activity is the safe amount of time you can spend without worrying about losing your gains. So, if you have an injury or think that you’re overtraining, it’s beneficial to get more rest not only for your future bodybuilding achievements but for wellbeing as well.

Most importantly, if you decide to stop training, remember to decrease the number of calories you consume to avoid gaining body fat. Also, enjoy easy physical activities like walking, swimming, jogging, or bodyweight exercises.

6. Get Enough Nutrients

8When inexperienced people decide to lose body fat, they often stick only to a few foods, because one or another specialist said that these are the healthiest products. In most cases, these specialists also tell that these diets give instant results and have already helped many people.

Sadly, most of these diets only help to lose body fat for a short time and sometimes even leave people sick because by following them, they often don’t get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. So, make sure that you follow a healthy diet and read the nutritional labels of the products you choose. If there is too little information about your product on the labels, find the nutritional value of these products on the internet.

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By following these simple tips you won’t lose muscle tissue and will steadily melt body fat, so everything you need to do is to use what you’ve learned.

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