6 Things That Cause Low Testosterone Levels in Men

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Testosterone has solidified its position as being one of the most important hormones in your body for building muscle mass. Without it, we would be weak, fragile skin bags walking around unable to contribute to society in any way. That’s a bit overdramatic, but as long as I get the point across.


In recent times, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become a commonplace for men. They go to their doctor to test their levels, and what do you know? They have low testosterone levels. These men usually suffer from depression and fatigue. However, there more symptoms for low testosterone levels.

All around the country men are undergoing TRT, and no one bothers to ask why. Sure, age does play its role on our T levels, however, some men undergoing this therapy are even in their twenties. That’s much too young to be suffering from low testosterone. So why is it that so many men have this hormonal issue?


Low testosterone often is an indicator of bad health. How do we know what the cause is? There are several factors that contribute to low T levels in men. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the causes of low testosterone levels in men.

Here are seven things that lower your testosterone levels:

1. Refined Carbohydrates


Today, the average American’s diet consists mainly out of processed foods, with refined carbohydrates making up the bulk of it. Let’s me give you an example: In the morning they’ll have a bowl of cereal or toast (generally white bread), some form of grain for lunch, say, a hamburger, hotdog, or sandwich, and then for dinner it might be pasta or pizza. All these processed carbs lead to spiked insulin levels. Continually elevated insulin levels cause a disruption in the central hormone pathways, and in turn can suppress testosterone production.

2. Xenoestrogens


If you’ve never heard of xenoestrogens, then you sure as sh*t are not alone. Xenoestrogen is a product of man-made chemicals that are present in the environment, many of which have estrogen-like properties and activities. Being exposed to these chemicals—mainly BPA and phthalates—which disrupts your endocrine system, cause low testosterone levels in males of all ages. These chemicals have been shown to risk the onset of puberty in younger males.

3. Stress


How much of today’s society live lifestyles that seem to be saturated with stress? Being under continuous and constant stress affects your reproductive ability. Suffering from chronic stress raises cortisol levels, which can suppress the central hormone pathways. When the central hormone pathways are being suppressed, reproductive hormone secretion becomes suppressed, of which testosterone is one of them. Stress can also block the effects of testosterone on your body.

4. Hormones Found in Meat


Ever seen what chickens look like nowadays? They be stupid thick! And it probably doesn’t even take them 24-hours to grow that much from being hatched. Again, I’m being overdramatic, but I’m trying to drive a point across. With that being said, if you’re buying copious amounts of the “cheaper” meats in the supermarket, then guess what? You’re buying yourself a ticket to lower testosterone. For the sake of your health, and T levels, check the label to see what kind of meat you’re buying.

5. Estrogens Found in Water


Did you know that estrogen is being found in municipal water supplies? These synthetic hormones are also altering the sex of various fish species, and some species have even shown a decline in population. For you to best avoid drinking water contaminated with estrogen is by installing a reverse-osmosis filtration system.

6. Beer


Even when consumed in moderation, alcohol has been shown to decrease T levels up to 6.8%! What causes this? Is it the alcohol? No, actually it’s the hops found in most beers. Hops have estrogen-like properties that of course affect your testosterone levels. These properties are so strong that they are being studied to treat hot flashes in menopausal women.

If you feel the need to have your T levels checked, then you should have your blood drawn between 7-10 am; during this time your testosterone levels will be at its highest. Get blood work done regularly so that you can catch low testosterone before it really becomes a problem.

If the results show that your levels are in fact low, then you could undergo TRT. There is, however, some negatives associated with administering pharmaceutical testosterone such as increased risk of prostate cancer and a decrease in natural testosterone production.

Alternatively, you could look at using a testo booster supplement such as TestoFuel or Prime Male.

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