4 Important Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights

Go heavy or go home.


Let’s be honest, if you want to become a serious bodybuilder, you need to lift heavy weights. Of course, there are other important factors like a healthy diet, plenty of rest, sleep, and so on.

However, perhaps you’ve seen people who eat whatever they want and have an irregular sleep regime but still have a great physique just because they are serious about their training.

On the other hand, if we speak about folks who spend most of their day trying to convince others about the importance of healthy living and perform an easy workout, then we can see that most of these folks look lame compared to real bodybuilders.

1. Get Stronger

One of the primary reasons why it’s beneficial to lift heavy weights is because it’s one of the easiest ways to become stronger. This doesn’t mean you need to increase your muscle mass to get stronger because the body can adapt to harder training conditions with heavy weight without even bulking up.

Surely, if you grow muscle mass, then you’ll become even stronger, but it isn’t necessary to do so if your goal is to get just a little bit stronger without increasing your body weight.

You can try this method by decreasing the number of reps and sets you perform while increasing the amount of weight you lift. Most importantly, remember that your body needs time to adjust to using heavier weights so increase the amount of weight you lift steadily so that you avoid injuries.

2. Lose Body Fat and Burn More Calories

If you’re satisfied with your strength and know that you have quite a good physique hiding under that layer of fat, then using heavy weights can also help you to lose some unnecessary pounds.

This is thanks to the reason that using heavy weights help to maintain an anabolic environment, which helps to increase the metabolism speed. Also, drinking plenty of water, decreasing your caloric intake, and lowering your stress levels can also help to speed up your metabolism and result in making the fat-burning process even faster.

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