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Boulder Shoulders: Complete Workout For Shoulders

If you want boulder shoulders, or you just want to create a nice rounded physique, then our workout for shoulders will get you there.

We’ve all been in this situation, when one part of our body parts just doesn’t match to the rest of our physique, and we really need to fill it out to feel and look our best.

It can put a real halt in our motivation to workout, but fear not my friends, we’ve got the answers!

That’s why we’ve created this simple workout for you to follow – if you stick to this, you will get results, and quickly!

Inside this article, we’ll detail four of the beast exercise that will give you awesome looking shoulders that have been used, and in some cases, been created by professional athletes.

Not only that! We’ll explain in detail the best rep ranges and working sets to create different looking triceps based on your goals.

Yes, you can actually build your muscles to look the way you want… we know, incredible right?!

Anyway, enough delay, let’s get into it!

Military Press

This movement is a killer upper body exercise that helps to not only build shoulder muscles, but also your upper chest and arms.

The trick with this movement is to keep strict form by not arching your back too much. Doing so could cause injury. Also, don’t swing your head back and forth. Some movement will be necessary to avoid hitting your chin on the bar, but just don’t do the chicken dance.

One thing to remember with this exercise is – don’t go too heavy. If your ego is lifting, you’ll only set yourself up for failure. Choose a lighter weight, focus on your form, and get that mind muscle connection engaged!

Lift the barbell over your head and lock out your arms, keeping your entire body as straight as possible. Then slowly lower the bar down again. Remember, strict form is everything with this exercise – don’t bounce it off your shoulders.

Arnold Press

This one was created by yes, you guessed it, the main man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a movement that works most areas of the side and front deltoid, keeping the muscle under continuous tension.

It works by putting constant resistance on the muscles. Meaning, there is tension taking place at all times – not an exercise that you can easily slack-off on.

Start with your palms facing you, at roughly shoulder/face height. Then, twist your elbows and palms outwards in front of you while at the same time raising your hands towards the sky – as you would do in a normal shoulder press.

Then lower the weight repeating the movement, and twist your palms facing inwards back to the starting point.

Well done, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just completed an Arnold Press for the first time. All joking aside, this is a killer exercise, try it and you’ll see just how good it is.

Lateral Raises

This one increases the width of the shoulder. If you’re trying to build an overall ‘good looking’ symmetrical physique, it shouldn’t be left out of your workout.

To perform this exercise properly, you’ll need to use a light weight. The only people using heavy weights are jacked lifters. So, if this isn’t you, make sure you use a light weight to really focus on the muscle contraction.

Start with your hands by your sides, holding an appropriate weight, then focus on using your shoulder only to move the weight. Your hands should be acting as ‘hooks‘ during the exercise. If you find yourself gripping the weight extra tight, and sacrificing form to move the weight, then it’s either too light, or you have exhausted the muscles.

Straight Front Raises

Just like side lateral raises, font raises build thickness, but this time, yes you guessed it, in the front of the shoulder.

If you add this exercise into your workout plan, it will balance out your chest and upper body. Working on your front delts will immediately create more thickness and volume.

The best way to do this is to use light weights. Focus on from and strict movements as much as possible. This way, you’ll be able to tear down that muscle and fill it with blood – getting a solid pump!

If you’re swinging your torso back and forth to assist the movement, the weight is too heavy. Drop it down and keep that body stiff and straight, then try again.

It’s your front delts your working here, not your libido pumping hips!

Workout For Shoulders

For arguments sake, we’re going to keep the entire workout the same, the only real difference is you’re going to use different rep ranges, and sets depending on your goals.

Don’t worry, we’ve made it super clear to understand. We know what it’s like starting a new program. Fighting your way into the weights room can be bad enough at times.

NOTE: All resistance training, whether it’s for strength or hypertrophy will create some level of muscle growth.

For beginners, it’s recommended to start with lighter weights to get used to the stimulus and recovery process for at least a few weeks. You should do this first before worrying about getting too deep into the training styles when using heavier weights.

For more advanced lifters, this is where you’ll be able to adapt your training style to create a different look. Thus, our variations in this workout for triceps below.

Rep Ranges Explained

12-15 at 65% max lift  –  will cause a lot of blood to pump into the muscle, and when done in a controlled way using the strictest form, it will tear your muscle fibers down. You’re causing serious damage to your muscles here. So pay attention to your nutrition, hydration, and rest. Your muscles will need it. Do this for a few weeks and watch your muscle blow up.

5-8 at 85% max lift  –  will increase your strength and at the same time, it will tear the muscles which is going to cause muscle growth, but it won’t expand the muscle as much as 12-15 reps will.

1-5 at 95% max lift  –  is for pure strength. You’ll see little muscle growth (in terms of size) when using this rep range compared to the other rep ranges. What you will see is a stronger and denser looking muscle. Remember, this type of heavy lifting will tax your nervous system – so use this type of rep range in moderation, unless you’re an Olympic Lifter.

NOTE: The rep ranges and % of your max lifts are only a base guideline to give you an idea of working loads, and volume associated with common results. Change as you see fit.

Just like with any workout, you shouldn’t start the main part of your working sets without warming up correctly. Take at least 5-10 minutes to warm up your body.

This will not only help you perform better in the workout, it will also help you avoid injury, and you’ll see better results afterwards, as the blood will be ready to deliver nutrients to your muscles.

Working Sets

  • Beginners: 1 set
  • Intermediates: 2 sets
  • Advanced: 3-4 sets

All you need to do now is… pick the rep range you want, then choose a level that you feel comfortable with, and use the working sets guide above. Below is the workout structure that we recommend using.

The Workout For Triceps

  • Military Press
  • Arnold Press
  • Lateral Raises
  • Straight Front Raises


There you have it guys and girls, a complete, easy to follow, and effective workout to help you get your shoulders looking, and feeling like swole in no time.

You have everything you need to build strength, or size. Follow our workout guidelines and you can’t go wrong.

What’s your thoughts on our Workout For Shoulder? Let us know in the comments below!

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