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2 Simple Moves at the End of Your Workout for Ripped Abs

Jeremy Scott who is a fitness advisor suggests two simple yet effective moves after every workout for incredible abs. He says that it takes hardly 5 minutes to execute but it’ll kick your ass hard.


Being in the fitness industry and hitting the gym every day over the past 4 years, I’ve experienced that no matter how hard you train, getting six pack abs is the toughest thing. It literally took me over one-and-a-half years of hard work until I was satisfied with my abs.

Simple Moves For Chiseled Abs

This 5-minute workout by Jeremy Scott includes the bench hop-over that helps you with the fat-burning process and actually boosts your metabolic rate. Not only that, it’ll also shred your core and shoulders.

Beware, this workout is so intense that you’ll be gasping for air and much worse you aren’t allowed to rest in between the two moves. After all, you have to do something extraordinary to get what you want.


Also, after the bench hop, you’ll be immediately diving into push-ups. And these aren’t your regular push-ups. I’ll be discussing how to do them with proper form and technique to put your muscles through greater ranges of motion.

After you are done with the workout, your abs will be screaming and you’ll be sweating like hell.


We’ll be doing the following two exercises:

  • Bench Hope Over
  • Sliding Pushup.

Directions: Perform each exercise in order and for 30 seconds. This amounts to 1 round. You’ll be doing 5 rounds in total with no rest in between.

1. Bench Hop-Over

It’s a beginner level plyometric exercise but helps build explosive power in the hips, legs, core and improves your agility and muscle coordination.

Bench Hope Over

How to Perform:

  • To begin, place your hands on a flat bench and feet placed on the side. Keep your back straight and knees slightly bent.
  • Now, keeping a firm grip on the bench, push off the ground with both your legs and hope over to the other side of the bench.
  • Make the landing clean and push back off.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds.

Make sure that you don’t pull off any rough landing or jump too high. Keep your body straight throughout and do not take a rest in between the hops. Keep your eyes focused on the floor.

2. Sliding Push-ups

The sliding push-up technique engages your pectoralis major along with biceps, serratus anterior, trapezius, deltoids and rectus abdominis. It’s quite hard and you’ll be needing sliders or a towel to induce the slide while doing push-ups.

Sliding Pushups

How to Perform:

  • Grab two sliders or towel and place your hands on it. Make sure the floor underneath is smooth so it can easily slide. Place your hands at shoulder’s width apart.
  • Now do a regular push-up.
  • As you push yourself up, slide your hands towards each other until the sliders or towels touch each other.
  • Slide back to shoulders width and do another push-up.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds.

Always brace your core before starting the push up. Also, make sure your feet are firmly placed on the ground so that your body doesn’t get out of control while sliding.

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