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Increase Muscle Hypertrophy By Giving Them a Shock

We all love to build big muscles and increase muscle hypertrophy. Quite often, we try it with different types of supplements, rep schemes, loading principles, workout plans, etc. All efforts made in order to figure out what works for us. And at times, we often come across some highly intense exercise programs that start to give us results but again you face a plateau and the search for a new program begins.

shock muscles

The point of plateau is basically when you need to shock your muscles to further maximize your gains.

Shock Your Muscles

Those who’ve been training for quite a long time have already tried different methods for shocking muscles. As a general rule, your muscles usually adapt to a certain training program you’re following. This is when you should continue to put them under more load for growth. This principle is also known as the progressive overload principle.

shock muscles

There are different ways that you can try. For example, you can increase the load, sets, reps, training sessions per week, etc. When you decrease the rest period in between the sets and also alter the type of exercise every week, this gives your muscles a shock. And there are several different ways to do so. A very effective, yet less practiced method is Undulating Periodization.

shock muscles

The methodology is pretty simple. You use different reps, sets, and loads in a resistance training program on different days of the week. This will challenge your body in a variety of different ways at the same time.

For example, you’ll be doing 12 reps at 50% of 6RM on Monday, 10 reps at 75% of 6RM on Wednesday and 1 rep of 100% 6RM on Friday. As you can see that the number of sets each day vary with every rep scheme. This is what gives the shock to your muscles. So instead of adapting to the stimuli of the new training regimen, your muscles will actually strengthen, power up and eventually grow.

By doing this, you’ll be delivering a wide range of training methods to your muscles that will constantly challenge them and never let them become used to a specific training module. Using the undulating periodization will also allow you to lift heavy.

For this purpose, a study was conducted on elderly subjects aged 55-75 years old and two experimental groups were given the undulating periodization program with 2 days a week for about 12 weeks. The results from both the groups, HRC and TS, showed a dramatic improvement in their strength along with muscle mass gains. This tells us that morphological and neural adaptation was elicited. This further supported the effectiveness of undulated periodization.

shock muscles

In simple terms, your body quickly gets used to different workouts you choose and when you put the same stress on it, there won’t be any further progress. You won’t notice any change in your body’s physique, not the muscle mass. However, when it is replaced with varying stress and exercise routines, it’ll continue to become healthy, physically fit and you’ll notice the muscle mass.

shock muscles

A few other ways of shocking muscles includes partial reps, forced reps, negative repetitions, forced negatives, isotension principle, instinctive principle, pre-exhaust principle, I go/you go, flushing method, multi-exercise sets, platoon system, progressive workload and one-and-a-half method.


In order to see some difference in your body you don’t have to be the lazy ass as most of the people out there are. You have to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself daily with something new.

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