7 Exercises For A V-Taper Back

Do these moves and you'll have a reverse triangle looking ripped back

Having a big back isn’t just pure aesthetics. Sure, the fact that you can catch more matches on tinder with a picture of a huge back is a nice bonus, but there’s more to it. A big, strong back helps a lot when lifting heavy things and it improves posture and body stability. Now let’s begin with the exercises that will make you develop a big, nasty looking back.

Best Exercises For A V-Taper

1. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns

A common classic for bodybuilders and regular bros alike, the lat pulldown. Depending on the handle you use, you can either go wide-grip or narrow-grip. This time you will be using a wide grip, as this hits your lats way more. Adjust the weight that allows you to bang out 10+ reps and start repping for those glorious lat wings of freedom.

2. Barbell Rows

Barbell rows are one of the basic exercises for a good, strong back. To add extra resistance, you can use thick grip add-ons that will make things a bit more difficult. Start with a light weight and add more only if you see you can bang out the reps without compromising form.

3. Seated Cable Rows

For this, you will use a close-grip extension. Sit down on the seat with your legs extended with a little flexion in the knees and keep your back straight. Now start pulling with your arms and try not to use your back too much, put an emphasis on pulling with your arms.

4. Wide Grip Pull-Ups

This should be self-explanatory because pull-ups are so damn basic and yet so damn effective. Grab a pull-up bar with a wide grip and start pulling yourself up and do that until failure. The best way to use pull-ups in a workout routine is in a superset format with another exercise.

5. Face Pulls

Don’t worry, actual face pulling won’t be necessary here. But what will be necessary is being a badass with a huge back! Stand in front of a cable pulley and pull the rope towards your face with your elbows spread out. This will hit your lower traps and strengthen them.

6. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row


This is great because it hits an entire side of your back, from your traps all the way to the lower back. You will kneel with one knee on the bench with your back straight and arms on the bench. The other hand will be holding a moderately heavy dumbbell. The point here is to keep your elbows tight against your body and everything in a single motion, without stopping mid-set. Do double digit reps for each side.

7. T-Bar Rows

This an old school exercise that Arnold Schwarzenegger used to get his huge back. It’s also very simple and incredibly effective. As with all back exercises, you will keep your back straight and use your arms for the rowing motion.

Don’t get overconfident and rack up every available plate in the gym. Use one or two at first and go from there. If you see you can do more reps comfortably with that weight, then move on to adding more plates.

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