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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs for Good; Quickly & Naturally

Are you one of those guys that needs to borrow his girlfriends sports bra to go running? Or has the kind of chest that’d get you a spot on page one of prime cups? Stop playing with those tiddies right now and read this article on how to get rid of man boobs fast. 

It’s not a good look. It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking 20 inch pythons on your arms or have one in your pants. If you’re aesthetic includes a pair of jugs that rival Mia Khalifa it’s time to destroy those moobs and lose the gyno look once and for all.

This is how bro…

Here’s what’s covered:

  • What is gynecomastia?
  • The man boobs and low testosterone link
  • How do you get rid of man boobs for good?
  • How to raise testosterone naturally and carve out a lean as f*ck physique

Man Boobs – A Common Issue for The Modern Bro

Back in the days of freak shows, they’d have all kinds of weird and wonderful characters – lobster boy, Wang the human unicorn, the bearded woman (she was not hot bros) and the elephant man to name just a few.

They were one-offs – rogues that tore up what was considered to be normal.

In this day and age we have much more concerning dysfunctions that affect not just the odd circus entertainer but millions of men across the world…. man boobs. Yep, men with their very own pair of milk tatas.

As you can imagine, it ruins your alpha male game. How can you strut into the bar like a badass, throwing around your assertive and masculine personality when every time you look down and see the very things used by women to nurture babies into infancy.

Nope. It just doesn’t work.

Gynecomastia explained

Jokes aside bro, man boobs is a real issue we face. Whether that’s because your diet is poor, your testosterone is on its ass or your gym memberships has seen less action than the bearded lady’s bearded clam is irrelevant.

Otherwise known as male breast syndrome, man boobs or b*tch tits, gynecomastia (known to bros as gyno) is a disorder where male glandular breast tissue grows, giving it the exact appearance of female breasts (although much hairier and not half as attractive).

It’s characterized by benign fatty deposits that accumulate under the skin and are caused by a huge disturbance to hormone levels – usually low testosterone.

You ever heard one of your bros say “dude, if I had jugs I’d just sit at home playing with them all day”?

Well, even if you wanted to they’d be too sore anyway as gyno suffers often report tenderness and soreness as breast tissue becomes swollen and irritable. So, no they aren’t fun bags sir.

Testosterone man with side effects of gynocomastia

Causes And Symptoms of Man Boobs

Gyno occurs because the soft tissue that lies behind your nipple begins to grow in size due to imbalances between your male and female hormones.

It’s nothing to do with your pecs as such and even if you tense your chest muscles you’ll still have a wobbly, padding there even if the muscle underneath is solid.

The main causes of man boobs include low thyroid function, kidney disease, and liver issues. But the most common cause is hypogonadism – clinically low testosterone.

Causes include:

  • Hormone imbalance – low testosterone is overwhelmed by levels of estrogen.
  • Increased prolactin – levels of this luteotropic hormone increase in men. Prolactin is responsible for growth and development of mammary glands.
  • Post-steroid use 

Gynecomastia is becoming more and more prevalent

The rate of gyno is a bit higher in boys because of natural fluctuations in hormones, but between 30 and 65% of fully fledged men suffer from symptoms man boobs.

Most dudes suffer from bilateral gynecomastia (where it affects both sides), and a few men suffer from asymetrical gyno – symptoms on one side.

Once you hit 40, your chances of suffering from symptoms of man boobs goes up to 60% because of a natural drop in the natural anabolic-androgen hormone testosterone.


Just the tip: Gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’ is a condition where fatty deposits develop on top of your pecs. It’s caused by hormonal imbalances.


The Low Testosterone-Man Boobs Link

Our ancestors had balls full of testosterone. They were tough and alpha. They wrestled their lunch and ate it with their bare hands. Their place in the village hierarchy was set by their masculinity, with the strongest most fearless dude claiming top position in society and the weakest left to rot like a beta b*tch that he was.

Cavemen Testosterone meme
Mr ‘steal yo girl’ was full of testosterone and as alpha as they came

The alphas achieved what’s known as hegemonic masculinity – a dominant socially constructed form of masculinity that let them live as a king and take their pick of the unibrow-toting cavepussy..

And what about the modern man?

He gets f*cking offended, that’s what? He’s a metrosexual, vegan, Yoga practitioner who’d rather post an after-the-fact, passive-aggressive ‘to the man that just cut me up on the highway’ post on his social channel than be a man and actually fight the muthaf*cker that nearly pushed him off the freeway.

We’re doomed bro.

You’re at risk of low T dude, what you gonna do about it?

Testosterone levels are plummeting in modern man. We’re getting fatter, we’re losing our fitness and strength and we’re fast becoming a shadow of our former selves.

According to statistics, you lose 1-2% testosterone each year. By the time you’re 45, you’ve got a 40% chance of having clinically low testosterone levels.

Maybe this is why some modern dudes would rather discuss their feelings with their therapist over a mocha frappucino than lift heavy shit and be a f*cking man.

85-90% of men with low T have gynecomastia. The link is strong.

Symptoms of low testosterone include:

  • Loss of muscle mass, strength, and power
  • You’ve lost your energy levels and would rather watch a rom-com than hit the gym
  • Even when your girl is laid naked with her ass in the air ready for you, you’d rather catch up on your box set of Cake Boss or some sh*t
  • Low mood and depression. You feel anxious a lot and lack self-confidence
  • Increased belly fat and man boobs

But all is not lost.

Once you accept that the root cause of your missing energy, poor progress in the gym and ever-increasing milk udders is low testosterone, you can start to fix the issues.


Just the tip: Chances are, low testosterone is the cause of your man boobs. It saps your energy, steals your gains and leaves you a shadow of your former self.


Steroid Use Can Cause Gyno Too

Ever wondered why that jacked dude in the gym has man boobs and nipples the size of 10 lb weight plates? It’s because the guy’s been on the anabolic steroids that’s why.

According to one study of gyno in steroid users…

Gynaecomastia is a common situation, with a proliferation of glandular component of male breast secondary to an imbalance in sexual hormones in mammary tissue. A main cause of gynaecomastia is anabolic steroids consumption.

As many as 52% of anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) users suffer from man boobs, usually once they come off their cycle. When you’re on steroids, your body doesn’t see the point in making its own testosterone as you’re already pumping synthetic versions of the hormone into your body.

Instead, it increases aromatization in order to take some of that testosterone and convert it into estrogen to balance hormones and maintain health (yes, estrogen is needed in men too).

Your testosterone production comes to a screeching halt!

When you ‘come off’ steroids, you have a dilemma – your body’s stopped making testosterone and your estrogen is off the chart.

All of a sudden your feminine hormones become more dominant and hormonal problems hit you hard.

Post-cycle-therapy tries to bring your testosterone back up to normal levels

If you choose to use AAS to get jacked, just bear in mind you’ll need another round of drugs to try to bring your testosterone back to normal. You literally have to flush out the extra estrogen.

Post-cycle-therapy (PCT) involves taking drugs that act as aromatization inhibitors and/or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). They’re are used to stimulate your testes to make testosterone again and also to reduce estrogen and SHBG levels.

PCT isn’t for everyone though

Post-cycle-therapy isn’t guaranteed to fix your gyno and many men suffer the consequences of carrying b*tch tits around for the rest of their lives.

There are also a number of side effects that can punch you flat in the face when you’re on PCT. These include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and headaches
  • High blood pressure and vascular issues
  • Depression, anxiety and increased risk of mental illness
  • Acne
  • Fatigue, loss of strength, joint pain and general muscle soreness

It’s not worth the risk bro.


Just the tip: Steroid risk significantly increases the risk of gyno. Even if you use PCT you aren’t guaranteed to fix man boob issues.


muscle hypertrophy achieved through push pull legs split workout

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs for Good – The Big Testosterone Fix

At this point, you’re pretty worried, right?

The good news is though that you can get rid of man boobs for good. As long as you use the right tools, you can re-sculpt your chest and develop strong, toned pecs in no time at all.

Here’s your plan to reclaim your masculinity…

#1. Lose the excess blubber

If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, your number one priority is to shred down the fat and get as lean as you can naturally.

There’s a strong relationship between being overweight and having gyno. And as your body fat plummets, so will your symptoms.

Lower body fat levels are associated with higher testosterone levels.

In fact, obese and overweight men are at a significantly higher risk of androgen hormone dysfunction, metabolic disease, and other serious side effects.

So let’s ditch the fat and make some changes

#2. Use natural anti-estrogen supplementation

While SERMS and AIs might be full of risks and side effects, natural nutrition can fix your man boobs in no time.

Premium testosterone booster supplements gradually increase testosterone in a safe and effective manner, but at the same time help to reduce excess estrogen in your bloodstream.

Nutrients such as vitamin D3 and D-aspartic acid help to optimize androgen production by stimulating your testes to produce more androgen hormones. Others like zincmagnesium and vitamin B6 also support hormone balance by inhibiting aromatization and reducing estrogen levels.

#3. Lift weights on the regular

You might not be able to see the hard graft right now, but working on toning your pecs now will help you etch out some masculine shape to your torso as your estrogen levels vanish from the face of the Earth.

Strength training has been strongly linked to increased testosterone, as has more muscle mass. So it’s really a triple-whammy trifecta approach on how to get rid of man boobs for good.

Become one with the bench and ditch the chesticles by regularly training incline, flat and decline bench press. Throw in some flyes and cable crossovers too to etch out some poppin’ pecs and a barrel-like chest in no time.

You can also check out this chest building workout from Jay Cutler too.

Summary – How to Get Rid of Man Boobs for Good

Gynecomastia is an issue on the increase, affecting more and more men in the modern era. It’s caused by low testosterone, but is repairable with the right intervention.

In a time where men are becoming beta bitches, be an alpha and stand out from the rest with your masculine chest held up tall and proud.

If this article gave you erect nipples from pure pleasure, keep abreast of these…

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