WATCH: An Interview With the World’s Strongest Woman

Super Training has a quick 5-minute interview with Liefia Ingalls

a featured image of world's strongest woman Liefia Ingalls

I have literally been living under a rock until now. I never knew that there was such a thing as World’s Strongest Woman. Turns out that it’s a legit, annual competition for women to hash it out through feats of strength.

I’ve always fancied myself pretty strong guy but when I looked at these women, I realized that my testosterone needs some raising.

Mark Bell’s Super Training gym recently had a special guest over for an interview — Liefia Ingalls.

Ingalls competed at the 2017 Arnold Classic and took first place in the Arnold Pro Strongwoman competition. All odds were stacked against her as she wasn’t the “biggest” female competitor on the day, but she silenced all the haters by winning the whole thing.

See the interview below:

What do you think about strongwoman competitions? Does it get your juices flowing or does the idea of a woman outlifting you in every aspect intimidate the heck out of you?

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