The Importance of Working Out That You Didn’t Know

The benefits and importance of physical exercise in one’s life

We know that the majority of you reading this article right now has joined the gym but there may be some of you who haven’t and who are looking for that extra bit of motivation.

We know that there are days even when the majority of you won’t feel like going to the gym to workout or do any physical activity. Performing a physical activity at least for half an hour a day isn’t only an added bonus but it’s something which is as essential for the human body as much as daily activities like brushing your teeth, taking a bath and other daily activities that you perform.

Physical activities don’t only just change the physical appearance but also improves mental health and the metabolism of an individual. We are sure you don’t want to be looked after when you grow old or take a mobility scooter to the local grocery store. We’re not urging you to build your fitness up to that of a pro athlete but rather to build up your fitness so that you keep your bodies and minds fit, which should be considered an important component of our lives.

The human body was physiologically made to move, walk, run and do other physical activities. The appearance of long limbs and big lungs and the ability to sweat is proof of that.

While most of us love to workout, there is a still a vast majority of people out there who think they are incapable of performing any physical activity because they think they can’t bear the pain that comes with it so they just lay around in their bed, binge-watch seasons of Game of Thrones while stuffing their faces with popcorn and donuts.

You won’t become an Olympic champion in a matter of days, but just the process of doing a physical activity should be taken up as a challenge and, who knows, one day you might become one. What people don’t realize is that how much those 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity helps one to relieve stress — both physically and mentally and how slowly it becomes a habit.

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There was a Joe Rogan podcast that was focused solely on the topic of how essential physical activity is for people. There he [Rogan] explained how there was actually some sort of scientific research which showed that people who exercise regularly have much better neural function than those who didn’t.

He said how working out helped him stay young and also said that there are days when he doesn’t feel like going to the gym but the satisfaction he knows he’ll get after completing that workout is more than enough to motivate him.

In the podcast itself, Rogan said that some medical experiment was conducted which actually helped people to transform their mentality. A woman, who was the subject of the experiment, never felt the motivation or need to go train or even enter into a gym, but said that after the experiment, her mentality changed completely.

Rogan also explained that one of his friends who was actually a smart and intellectual guy also didn’t accept the idea of exercising but Rogan said that the human body is a like a carrier and exercising means we are taking care of it otherwise if this shuts off, then other activities will also shut down automatically.

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