What Varying Your Grip Can Do For Your Bench Press

Don’t be so basic..


Three sets of eight to twelve, two off-days per week, chest on Monday…basic.


Expand your horizons, and stop wearing the same matching tank top and shorts. When it comes to gains and longevity, variation is going to do you a few favors. Allow us to outline some for you:

  • Reduced risk of injury
  • A larger number of muscle fibers will get pounded
  • You won’t burn out mentally

Just to name a few. Training variety is a multi-faceted topic that could span a decent number of articles (maybe we should do a series); however, in the meantime we’ll focus on every frat boy’s favorite (besides the ab coaster) — bench press.

It doesn’t get much more classic than this. It’s one of the big three, everyone should be—and probably is—doing it, but it’s prone to being under-utilized. The king of all upper body exercises has the potential for enough variation to have you hitting new and improved chest workouts every week for months. The secret lies mostly in the grip.

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