The Strongest Fitness Moments [Video Compilation]

In case you need motivation



7. An Old Man Kicks Ass

Moral of this video? Don’t mess with someone you don’t know about. This apparent old man completely killed it at Muscle Beach. The next time you challenge an old man for a lift, make sure you pull his hair first to make sure they’re real.

8. Strong Men Dominating The Cyr Dumbbell

9. Thor Makes a Guineess World Record

For a long time, lifting weights overhead has been a symbol of strength and power. This year these strongmen took it to a whole new level. A few of these modern-era Hercules even did multiple reps with this weight.

10. Some of The Worlds Strongest Men Showcase Their Strength at The Rio Olympics

Talk of the strongest moments of 2016 and forget the Rio Olympics? Can never happen. Athletes at the Rio Olympics moved some serious weights in an attempt to win a gold medal for their countries. Medal or no medal, these guys made their countrymen proud.

11. The Craziest Strong Fitness Compilation of The Year

Disclaimer: Don’t try this stuff at your own gyms. Only attempt them if you’re sure of your ability or under expert supervision.

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