How Long Do You Need to Train to See Serious Gains?

Time matters.

After people realize their fitness goals, they often become curious about how long it’ll take to achieve their goals. However, there are many different people, and they want to succeed in different areas. So, how long it takes to achieve something depends on many factors.

To make it easier to work towards your fitness goal, it’s important to know what you want to achieve. For instance, your goal might be to lose weight, build muscle mass, or completely transform your body. If you already know which one of these you want to accomplish, then it becomes much easier to calculate the amount of time it’ll take to complete it.

1. Build Muscle Mass

By using natural methods, you can grow about two pounds of muscle mass every month. If it’s the first time you build muscle mass, then you might be able to grow a bit more than two pounds of muscle mass per month. However, be aware that some of this weight will be body fat, so don’t be surprised that after a long-term bulking phase you’ll need to cut some pounds of body fat.

If your bodyweight increases too fast, there is a huge chance you grow an excess amount of body fat. You can avoid it by decreasing the number of calories you eat or by burning more calories by increasing the amount of time you exercise.

If your bodyweight doesn’t increase, make sure eat at least 300 additional calories. If it doesn’t help, then gradually increase the number of calories you eat until you’ll be able to grow two pounds per month.

2. Lose Weight

For most people, losing weight takes less time than growing muscle mass. This is because people can usually decrease the amount of body fat they have by one or two pounds every week.

So, it takes just a tiny amount of time if we compare it to the amount of time people need to spend to grow muscle mass. On the other hand, decreasing your body weight by more than two pounds per week might not only result in losing quite a lot of muscle mass but by causing liver issues, gallstones, and loose skin.

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