How Using Bands Can Help You to Skyrocket Your Gains

So, there are people who use bands?


There are times when people get bored of repeating the same exercises. Of course, you can make your workout more interesting by adding a few uncommon exercises or by changing the number or reps, sets, or the amount of weight you use.

Yet, doing something like this year after year can become a bit tedious and boring. If you’re one of those people who constantly look for something new, then trying to work out while using bands can be a great way to not only make your training more enjoyable but also more rewarding.

While bands aren’t used by many bodybuilders, they are actually very useful, versatile, and can be used on almost any type of equipment. Also, there are different bands you can buy. Some of them are thick and offer strong resistance, while others are thinner and less resistant, however, different bands are used for different exercises.

In most cases, a typical band creates 20-150 additional pounds of resistance at the top of the movement. If you need more resistance, you can use a thicker band. For instance, thicker bands are more useful when doing lower body exercises because these muscles are bigger and stronger. While thinner bands are great for upper body exercises.

Another important thing you should know before starting to use bands is to check whether there are tears or any other structural damages. If you see that the bands you use are damaged, it’s better not to use them and to buy new bands instead. This is because using damaged bands can tear apart while exercising at by doing so shoot up on one side and pull the weights you use down on the other side. So, it’s better to avoid such things before they happen.

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