10 Tips To Increase Your Bench Today

Impress everyone on Monday.

Frank Columbo Bench Press


How awesome would it be to bench as much as you say you do? Come on, you know you bump those numbers up another 90 pounds.

In all honesty, being able to press a lot takes a lot of technique, confidence, and of course, upper body strength.

“How much do you bench?” Is one of the first questions you will be asked as soon as someone finds out you lift. If you are embarrassed to answer, or you tend to add an extra 90 to what you bench, this article is for you.

Why Is Increasing Your Bench So Hard?

The bench is a very technical movement that anyone can do, but few master.

Staying in your groove when you bench takes a lot more than just letting it flop down to your chest and then you fight to push it up however it goes.

The more you play around and find what will work best for you, the better you are going to get on the bench.

Dan Green

A Quick Word On Progression

Having a steady progression plan on bench pressing will help you build strength, perfect your form, and help you figure out what works best for you.

There are many times I see someone who benches the same weight each week, and sometimes the same amount of reps. Your body gets used to this and you are eventually not going to see any improvement at all.

If you are unsure about how to progress, strive to add five pounds to the bar each week.

This is the most basic form of progression and will help you get further than jumping up by 20lbs or more; it will be slower, but it will be maintainable.

Record Your Form!

Being able to record your form will allow you to gain another perspective on what you could improve on. Do your arms flare too early? Do you dance your feet around? Are you having a shoulder issue on the left side which is pulling you out of your groove?

You can find out a lot from watching your bench — from the set up to the lockout.

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Now that you are prepared to use these tips properly, let’s get into why you’ve come.

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