12 Tips on How to Get Stronger Almost Immediately

Follow these tips and you will be smashing pr’s in no time

9. Eat A Lot

This is pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it? When Rich Piana said “eat big to get big,” he wasn’t being metaphorical. If you want to be a giant, or better yet, a mutant, among men, you really do have to put in the hours in the kitchen.

10. Focus on Free Weights and Compound Lifts

Another no brainer, compound lifts like the big four (bench, deadlift, squat and overhead) are the essential lifts for getting stronger.

11. No Ego Lifting

Check your ego at the door when you start lifting. Put a focus on form and perfecting it with lower weights. When you finish that, then you can move on to bigger weights. Practice makes perfect. Start with an empty bar and work your way up.

12. Track Your Progress

Download one of those fancy fitness tracking apps and track your workout progress. It will help to put things into perspective. Seeing which lifts are lacking, which are going well, when were you at your best and when were you at your worst.

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