5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Date a Bodybuilder

Sorry babe, I gotta hit the gym first


1. Sex Becomes Cumbersome

That’s right, one of the biggest downsides to dating a bodybuilder is the sex. Now, I’m not saying sex is bad just because a guy is big and muscular. Plenty of overly muscular men are happily married with a thriving sex life. But, many guys out there, especially ones who developed crazy size rather quickly, just don’t have a strong handle on their bodies; meaning they can be awkward in their movements and precarious with their touch.

Imagine dating Bruce Banner. Everything is going well, so you decide to let him take a trip down the ol’ love tunnel. Bruce is a sensitive, caring lover, and you two end up dating. But, sometime down the road, he turns into the Incredible Hulk — and quite suddenly sex becomes a lot less fun for you.


There will be a lot of hard touching, jack hammer like thrusting, and so, so many position switches. Who knew the Hulk could be so aggressive with his giant green d!ck? Those poor women’s cervixes are going to take a beating for sure.

It’s not just his inability to properly handle his incredible bulk that leads to awkward sex, though. It’s also a problem of the girlfriend not used to being with such a behemoth. A woman having sex with a bodybuilder for the first time may feel the need to be rougher than normal. Like she must use more pressure and force to please him because of all the muscle. This is not true at all — but it will lead him to believe that’s the kind of sex you like. So, essentially you will bring the Hulk cervix smashing upon yourself.


Well, there you have it. This was just five reasons not to date a bodybuilder, but there are plenty more. But just remember, just because a guy is a bodybuilder does not mean he can’t be a great boyfriend. You just need to make sure you share a similar lifestyle before dating. After all, the relationship won’t stand a chance if he wants to always go to the gym and you just want to watch TV and drink wine. Compromise only goes so far. So, test the waters before starting something long term.

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