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  • hardgainers - cover

    The 10 Laws for Hardgainers To Build Muscle

      No matter which part of the world you live in, skinny guys in the gym always have this one same problem. They can’t gain weight or muscle mass. They say they eat and eat and eat, but the needle on the scale just won’t budge. Hargainers blame their fast metabolism and genetics for the inability to build […]

  • Exercise: The Evolutionary Next Step

      “For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger A gem from the man himself, but the one mistake most gym junkies make when reading this quote is limiting its scope to […]

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  • Legs2

    Hot Girls React To Guys Who Skip Leg Day

      Stop the press, light the beacon, call your mother if you have to — hot girls officially don’t like dudes who skip leg day. After years of watching social experiments with little to no use, SuperHuman TV have finally brought us one with results that matter, and it involves some bodacious babes telling you […]

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    4 Golden Age Exercises that Created Champions

      Do you feel it? That feeling of your training routine becoming boring and less effective and no matter what you change, it doesn’t help? Alas, there is always something you can do. So if you’re in need of renewing your training routine and effective old school exercise remixes wasn’t enough, then learn top exercises […]

  • cutler

    Hate Your DNA? Science PROVES That You Can Alter Your Genes!

      You may have heard the phrase “you’re a slave to your genes,” but new research suggests that we’ve been misinformed. If you suffer from a genetic disease or feel down from the constant struggle to reach your fitness goals, there may be hope yet. A long time ago, scientists proved that natural living habits like exercising, healthy eating […]

  • Flex

    The Classic Gym Stereotypes Who F*ck Up Your Workout

      There are way too many demands on our time between work, family, and recreation, so the limited amount of time we have to go to the gym is precious. You usually give yourself at least an hour to get in a good workout, but somehow there always seems to be a few different people who […]

  • do crossfit

    The Dummy’s Guide on Why Not to Do CrossFit

    CrossFit has quickly become a massive workout craze. People look at celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Jessica Biel, and Channing Tatum, all of whom do CrossFit, and assume the best way to look like these stars is to train like they do. The only problem is that these stars have well paid personal trainers […]

  • Pizza

    How To Get Ripped While Eating Pizza

    The worst thing about any bodybuilding lifestyle is the diet. Well, that and realizing it’s leg day… Even when you’re bulking, trying to stick rigidly to the same food all the time can be grueling. Factor in the fact you’re doing this 24/7, and before long you’re stomping to KFC to shove a family bucket in your […]

  • spotting

    The Ultimate Guide To Spotting A Bro

      Spotting a bro is harder, if not equal, to the angst of giving birth; It is, especially when you push your bro to go beyond his limits. Spotting your bro is when you form that special connection with him. It brings your souls closer and makes you inseparable (in a completely hetero way). Before […]