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    Elliott Hulse: “Benching Doesn’t Give You A Bigger Chest”

      For years we’ve been told that if you want a bigger chest, you need to bench press. “Bro, my chest won’t grow. What should I do?” “Bro, bench that sh*t out.” “Bro.” That’s pretty much how the conversation went, yeah? Heck, even Arnold advocates that bench presses—both incline and flat—are what you need to […]

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    Why Cardio Sucks and What You Should Do Instead

      Let’s face it cardio sucks! And best of all, you don’t need to do it. I honestly can’t imagine why anybody would actually enjoy running on a stationary piece of equipment, surrounded by several sweaty people in a gym. But maybe I’m just being bias towards it. 1. It Takes Time Most people who […]

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    7 Fitness Bucket List Goals to Make You a God Among Men

      Ever wondered how it would feel to do something in public so that everyone around you is amazed and awestruck? Yup, that’s right folks, you can do these too. Learning to perform these fitness feats will also make you look better without a shirt on, so we guess that’s a win-win. 1. Muscle ups This is one […]

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    What is Better: More Weight or More Reps?

      At one point or another, any constant-goer will eventually ask themselves: “Would it be better for me to do more reps with less weight or add more weight with fewer reps?” While this is an often rigorous debate between scientists and gym fanatics alike, the answer is not always that clear. Before we find out […]

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    7 Undeniable Reasons to Make Monday Your Leg Day

      Have you ever wondered why Monday became National Bench Press Day? Or why you work your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs before you train your legs? Traditions die hard, but logic needs to take precedence over habit in your quest for the perfect physique. Monday should be your leg day, and here are 10 undeniable reasons why. […]

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    Dramatic, Muscle-Stacking Body Transformation With Freeletics

      Freeletics: It sounds like a poorly thought out infomercial the first time you hear it, but let’s give it a chance. There’s no such thing as a free lunch (unless of course you find an unopened box of Pop Tarts on the street); however, there may now be such a thing as free gains. Fad […]

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    4 Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone

      Testosterone, the hormone responsible for developing your manhood. Some have it in abundance, others not so much. To those who do have an ocean of test surging through their veins; you lucky bastards! And to everyone else who seemingly manages to just get by, this informative piece is for you — all the men […]

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    How Heavy Should You Lift for Optimal Gains?

      A lot. Often. And preferably in front of a full body mirror while still being in the view of that hot redhead in the grey yoga pants. Wait. You wanted a real answer? Not just bro science? Well sh*t, son, you should have specified. The amount of weight you lift is actually a science, and […]

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    7 Little-Known Exercises For Huge Shoulders

      How to build big shoulders. A question that rests on the minds of many young and enthusiastic gym-goers. If you are chasing a V-taper, your priority going to the gym should be to hit shoulders with all you’ve got. Huge shoulders are the base of a defined V-taper and help give the illusion of […]

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    5 Moves for Big Cobra Traps

      Not many body parts say “Watch out, bitch! I’m a mean motherf*cker!” Your glutes certainly don’t. Having a big and powerful chest or a broad back acts as a warning sign to all who dare cross your path, but nothing screams “F*CK OFF!” quite like a big ol’ set of traps. Why? Because it’s […]