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    How Heavy Should You Lift for Optimal Gains?

      A lot. Often. And preferably in front of a full body mirror while still being in the view of that hot redhead in the grey yoga pants. Wait. You wanted a real answer? Not just bro science? Well sh*t, son, you should have specified. The amount of weight you lift is actually a science, and […]

  • huge shoulders - cover

    7 Little-Known Exercises For Huge Shoulders

      How to build big shoulders. A question that rests on the minds of many young and enthusiastic gym-goers. If you are chasing a V-taper, your priority going to the gym should be to hit shoulders with all you’ve got. Huge shoulders are the base of a defined V-taper and help give the illusion of […]

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    5 Moves for Big Cobra Traps

      Not many body parts say “Watch out, bitch! I’m a mean motherf*cker!” Your glutes certainly don’t. Having a big and powerful chest or a broad back acts as a warning sign to all who dare cross your path, but nothing screams “F*CK OFF!” quite like a big ol’ set of traps. Why? Because it’s […]

  • calves header

    4 Science-Proven Ways to Build Bigass Calves

      Even among the greatest lifters, there is one major problem: they often spend too much time building muscular upper bodies and give too little attention to their legs — more precisely, their calves. But it’s not a surprise as most guys mistakenly believe that a huge, ripped torso are the only things that girls look […]

  • yachting

    The Summed Up List of Hobbies For the Manly Man

      The majority of Americans enjoy coming home from a long day of work to sit on the couch and watch reruns of shows they’ve seen three times while eating take-out. While it’s nice to occasionally binge Netflix and chill (wink wink), the majority of Americans are also fat. You’re not the majority — obviously, […]

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    Recovering From An Injury – You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

      Wait for it – I’m actually going to give you the news you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear. If you’re injured, get back in the gym. Heresy! Well, not necessarily. According to actual physical therapists and reams of clinical data, movement is going to pull you from the soul-sucking black hole that is […]

  • Muscles

    Pre, Post & Intra-Workout Nutrition For Muscle Building

      Most people forget nutrition is half the battle in their quest to look like a Greek god. They train hard and correctly but stunt their results because they ignore proper workout nutrition. Even someone who eats correctly throughout the day (enough protein, calories, healthy fats etc.) may not reach their full potential if they don’t […]

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    5 Ways to Build a Truly Effective Workout Plan

      Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need to make a workout plan. If you have a proper workout plan, you can easily burn calories and lose weight. Not only weight loss, but you can avail huge health benefits from the workout programs. But, many people make several mistakes in their workout […]

  • depressiom - cover

    How Lifting Weights Can Fight Depression

      Let’s face it, taking pills every day is a shitty way of fighting depression. Who in their right minds would want to take a pill for the rest of their lives? If you think weight training is only good for developing a lean body and strong muscles, you need to think again. Weightlifting has […]

  • Older Man Lifts

    How Exercise Can De-Age Your Body and Brain

      Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought ways of extending its lifespan further and further, going from the outlandish superstitions of old to the more logical methods backed up by science today. Where once we sought the mythical Fountain of Youth or carried acorns in our pockets to stay looking fresh (Google it), […]