Get Prison Strong With These Bodyweight Exercises

Get big and strong without a gym

10. Alternating High Knees

This is a great warm-up exercise. Place your hands in front your body about waist high and alternately start raising your knees towards your hands. Do a few sets of this. Each about half a minute/minute long.

11. Duck Walks

This will give the word “torture” a new meaning. Once you learn to love the duck walks, you will have quads that are concrete hard.

12.  Bicycle Crunches

Lay on your back, hands interlocked behind your head. Raise your left knee to your chest and touch it with your right elbow. Repeat the same thing with the other knee and the other elbow. Your core will be in flames in no time.

13. Dips

This needs no introduction, dips are another bodyweight essential. If you don’t have access to any workout park near you or parallel bars, a regular bed or chair will do. Rest your hands on the edges of your bed or chair with your legs either being stretched out or with your knees bent.

14. Juarez Valley method

This isn’t an exercise as much as it is a way to spice up your workout. It was made popular by the Mexico’s notorious Juarez Valley prison inmates. For instance, let’s say you decided today to just do push-ups. Your first set of push-ups will be 20 reps, the second one will be just one push-up.

Going from there, your third set will be 19 push-ups and forth one will be just two push-ups. You continue this rep scheme for 20 sets with your final set is 20 reps.

To add even more dynamics to your workout, make every set a different variation of the initial exercise. If your first set was regular push-ups, make your second one decline push-ups, then go into incline and so on and so forth.

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